英文字 “otherwise” 該如何解釋?
撰文者: Wayne 發表日期: April 5, 2009 – 10:06 am

英文字 “otherwise” 該如何解釋?網友可能會說,不就是「否則」嗎? 根據版主多年翻譯的經驗,”otherwise” 的意思十分容易理解,但是偶爾由於它所處的句中位置,容易讓中文為母語的華人產生思緒上的混亂。

英文 “otherwise” 屬於句子副詞,意思就是 “if not” ,中文最常譯成『否則 / 要不然』。網友請留意版主特別標示的重點。

◎ If not … (否則 / 要不然)
You had better take Tom’s adivice, otherwise you’ll get into trouble.

A surveyor’s inspection of the builiding revealed faults that might otherwise have been overlooked. (If there had not been an inspection, the faults might have been ignored. )
(檢查員檢視大樓時發現一些問題,要不然的話,這些問題可能會被忽視了。) – 容易混淆之處,請多加注意。

Like chess figures three sculptural buildings, which relate to the context of downtown Los Angeles and the program, re-define spatially and energetically the otherwise orthogonal arrangement of the master plan.
(猶如棋子的三座雕塑建築與洛杉磯市中心環境與本案息息相關,大膽地從空間上重新定義原本可能採矩形佈局的主要設計。) – 容易混淆之處,請多加注意。

(版主註解) 理解這種句子的方式是先將 “otherwise” 拿掉,剩下句子表達的意思就是「與事實現況不符」。

◎ suggest / think / decide / say otherwise (固定用法)
The government claims that the economy is improving, but this study suggests otherwise.

◎ except for what has just been mentioned  (除此之外)
I could hear the distant rumbling of traffic. Otherwise all was still.


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