英文專題討論:As 的用法講解
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版主說過,When、While 和 As 這三者是點差別的。華人若要將這三個微不足道的連接詞用到如火純青,得花點時間來磨練英文的寫作功力。

以下舉例說明 “As”引導的「時間觀念」:

通常來說,”As” 指連續的時間片段,這種時間片段在說話者的認知上有「演變發展」的感覺,主要區分成下面這兩類。


“As” 後面接時間的連續片段,屬於「背景敘述」(background information),其內容通常只是輔助資訊。既然是提供背景敘述,As 連接的子句通常使用『過去式』。

As I was getting off the bus I saw Joe driving a Porsche.
(我在下公車時看到 Joe 開著一輛保時捷。)

They marched in protest of the arrest, chanting ‘God is love’ as they went along.

(說明)某些動詞 (sit, lie, grow) 可表示持續的動作,在 as 或 while 之後可用簡單過去式。
As I sat reading the paper, the door burst open.

As we discussed what public statement the Feb should make, one of them suggested, “Maybe we’re overreacting. Why not wait a few days and see what happens!”
(當我們討論聯準會該發佈何種公開聲明時,其中一人建議:「我們或許反應過度。為何不等幾天,觀察後續發展呢?」) – The Age of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan


敘述事件的發展或演變,同時另一件事也隨著發展 (“As” 通常翻成「隨著…」)

As Honda approached retirement, he resisted his young engineers who opposed his dogged search for an air-cooled engine suited to medium-sized cars.

As he became older his eyesight became deteriorated.

I love you more and more each day as time goes by.
(隨著時光飛逝,我對你的愛日漸加深。)  – Casablanca by Bertie Higgins

As the day wore on, it became hotter and hotter.

As years went on, he lost interest in everything except the spiritual.


版主最近翻譯一篇文章 (節錄於下),因為沒有適切運用 as  (還有 while) 來描述背景資訊,整體的譯文便顯得凝滯不順,遠不如美籍編輯修訂過的版本:

舞台上最後留下來的,是剛剛一開場時被火把圍繞的女舞者,此時所有人離去,她孤單躺在地上,然後 LED 燈牆的光逐漸熄滅

At the end of this show, the female dancer, surrounded by the torches at the outset, is the only one that remains on the stage. All the other performers gradually leave, and she is lying all alone on the ground. The lights of the LED light wall finally dies down…

At the end of this show, the female dancer surrounded by the torches, the same way she was at the outset, is the only one that remains on stage, lying all alone on the ground while the other performers disappear, as the lights of the LED light wall gradually die out…


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