英文慣用語:no harm, no foul
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棒球是美國人熱愛的一種 (職業) 運動,許多人甚為著迷,難怪老美的會話中有許多轉借自棒球比賽的說法。版主曾經根據網路與手邊資料,列舉過常見或有趣的習慣用語。



To step up to the plate = 準備展開行動

棒球的本壘板就是 (home plate)。打者站上本壘打擊時便是 ‘step up to the plate’,引用到會話便是「準備展開行動」。
(英文釋義) Someone who “steps up to the plate” is ready to do his or her job.

The government needs to step up to the plate and starts its share of work.


Take a rain-check (on sth) = 謝絕對方好意的一種說法

如果球賽開始以後下雨,球迷在離開時可拿到一張特別的票券 (rain check),下次可憑票免費看一場球賽。
(英文釋義) take a rain-check = decline an offer but promise to do it another time

Thanks for the invitation, but I’ll have to take a rain-check on it.


A ballpark figure 約略的數字

所謂 Ballpark 是指大型的棒球場。Ballpark figure 就是電視轉播時報的觀眾人數 (例如是 43,132 人)。這個數字通常只是約略的估計數字而已,因此 ballpark figure 就是指「約略的估計數字」。Ballpark 也可以單獨使用,表示約略的範圍。

* a ballpark figure = an estimated figure or number.

Right now I can only give you a ballpark (figure). / I can only give you a ballpark estimate.

* 這個字 ballpark 也可以當作動詞,表示「估計 /推算」。

I’d ballpark A-Rod’s life earnings to be around $300 million.
(我估計 A-Rod 一輩子大約可賺三億美金。 )


on the ball 對新思想的動態很敏銳而熟悉 (be alert and aware of new trends and ideas)

When a batter hits the ball into the infield very hard, and one of the infielders runs to the ball quickly, and manages to throw it to first base to get the batter out, that player is on the ball. (打者揮擊之後,內野手迅速接球,然後傳向一壘刺殺打者,這時便可稱這名內野手是 on the ball。)

“On the ball” 可用來引申某個人「反應敏捷」。

The new publicity manager is really on the ball.


好了,說了這麼多關於棒球的術語。版主今天要跟各位網友分享一個剛在一部電影看到的英文籃球術語:no harm, no foul



no harm, no foul
There is no problem if no serious damage was done.

Etymology (字源): from the use of this phrase in basketball. It means that if an action against the rules has no effect on the results of the game, there should be no foul (punishment)


In his excitement, he deleted all the files, but they were restored later from a backup copy – no harm, no foul.


A: I’m sorry. My butt just accidentally grazed your arm.
B: Hey man. No harm, no foul.


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