英文字 “arguably” 應該如何解釋?
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英文字 “arguably” 應該如何解釋?這是版主從事翻譯多年以來覺得比較難以譯出的詞語,這種用法可能跟英美人士不喜歡把話說死的習慣有關。不把話說死,保留轉圜的空間,是高段的生存之道。聖經說道:「 舌頭是一個人全身中最小的部分,但是它所說的話卻能產生意義重大的結果。」又說:「舌頭具有甚大的殺傷力,最小的火能點著最大的樹林。」

常讀英文的網友應該知道,英文常用 “one of the best…” 之類的說法,明明是要稱讚某人是最棒的,還要說成「最棒的其中一個」。譬如:《經濟學人》網站推薦某一本書時,就採用這種說法:

Out of Mao’s Shadow: The Struggle for the Soul of a New China.
By Philip P. Pan.

Detailed profiles of 11 Chinese, mostly present day, which together provide a not very pretty snapshot of China’s political development. One of the best descriptions of what life has been like for many Chinese citizens during the past 15 years.

言歸正傳,版主今天要討論的是”arguably” 這個英文字。以下是版主的淺見:

“arguably” 是 “arguable” 的副詞用法。”arguable” 的意思為:可爭論的 (that can be argued) / 可疑的 (not certain or questionable)。因此,作者使用 “arguably” 這個字眼時,其實想說我的讚美之詞或論點僅供參考,讀者如果不同意,可就此討論一番。真是夠了,得了便宜還賣乖!

中文要將 “arguably” 翻譯出來的話,似乎要傷點腦筋。《牛津高階英漢雙解詞典》對 “arguably” 的翻譯是:可爭辯地 / 按理 / 按說。這種譯法,版主勉強可以接受;不過,華人沒有這種思維習慣,如要硬翻,常會讓譯文拗口難讀。版主查了一下網路文章,發現這種用法多如過江之鯽,茲列舉如下:

◎ Why Porsche is arguably the most intelligent Auto Company in the world?

Arguably the most beautiful colonial city in Mexico, Morelia offers several Spanish schools in its historic center.

◎ Geithner is correct that China manipulates its currency. What’s more, this manipulation is arguably the most important cause of the financial crisis.

◎ Armed with what is arguably the most clever animated script in a long time, the movie makes its point through wit and gently barbed dialogue.

好了,解說到此先告一段落。版主認為,網友日後遇到 “arguably” 的時候,應該能瞭解其中的真正意涵。至於要不要翻譯出來,則見人見智,隨個人喜好囉。



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