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我開始學習中文的時候,曾經發誓無論如何都要把自己的中文水平提升到一個自己無法想像的境界。然而,當我到了一定水平的時候終於悟出知足而知不足的道理,現在更會學海無涯苦作舟。可在學習的過程當中,我發現了自己失去了原來的一個樂趣。音樂在我生活中慢慢消失了 。

後來我知道其實原來我不需要做得這麼極端。學習語言應該是很有趣,很好玩,不應該天天吃苦邁前進。所以,我勸大家多聽音樂,多聽 TenaciousD,多玩電動,少練習外語。


I haven’t listened to music in a long time. I didn’t realize how long it had been until I moved back to Tennessee and started living with my best friends from high school.

When I first started learning Chinese, I swore to myself that no matter what the cost I wanted to increase my Chinese level to an extremely high level (of course, once I achieved that level I realized that there was soooo much more for me to learn), but suffice it to say that I was focused. However, upon finally readjusting to living in a mainly American speaking household I realized that I had lost a part of myself on the path to fluency: music.

To be honest, I know now that such extreme measures are not necessary. Language learning is supposed to be interesting, it’s supposed to be fun, not some exercise in extreme discipline that’s strenuous and ‘academic’. So I recommend that everyone listen to English music, listen to more Tenacious D, play more English video games, and ‘study’ foreign languages less. You’ll be better for it in the future.



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