英文電子郵件範例解說 (7)
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Dear T&IC Class of 2002,

As  I won’t be able to attend Judy’s BBQ due to prior obligations, I just wanted to drop a note of congratulations your way. Didn’t have the opportunity to run into many of you this past year, so don’t really know how the past two semesters proceeded for you, but my guess is you’re exceedingly tired from professional exams and two years of relentless training, but still have, perhaps, sufficient energy remaining to be excited about starting your after-MIIS lives. I’m excited for you. Please accept my most heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for the future. I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to work with you last year and hope I’ll have the opportunity to run into you again one day to hear about all the wonderful things that life has brought your way.

Take care and best wishes,


1. as = 因為。英文用於表示「因為」有各種說法,詳細內容參照:『英文中各種「因為」說法的差異』。

2. due to =  說明失敗或者遇到困難的原因 (used especially in official statements to introduce the reason for a difficulty or failure)。英文有各種表示「因為」的說法,請參照:『英文中各種「因為」說法的差異』。

3. prior obligations = 已經先有約定,沒空的意思。這種說法很好用,可多加模仿。

4. I (just) wanted to = 我想要 (可視為客氣的說法,請注意是 wanted,不是 want )

5. drop sb a note = 寫封簡短的信
類似說法還有:drope me a line。
Drop me a line to say when you’re coming.

6. Didn’t have to opportunity…….., so don’t really know。
a. Didn’t have… => 用過去式,因為沒碰到學生是過去的事情
b. don’t really know => 用現在式,因為知不知道是現在的事情

7. my guess = 我猜想。

8. relentless training = 嚴苛的訓練

9. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for the future. (請接收我衷心的恭賀以及對未來的祝福)。寫得多好,還不快點背起來使用!

10. have the opportunity => 多注意這種寫法,表示「能夠做某種事情」,根據版主的經驗,華人常常會因為中文思維而刪掉 opportunity (chance)。如下例:
(中文) 本人樂為之序。
(英譯) I am glad to write this preface. (劣)
(英譯) I am glad to have the opportunity to write this preface. (佳)

11.run into sb = 偶遇某人 (meet sb by chance)
I ran into an old schoolfriend at the supermarket this morning.


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