《聖經》介紹 (Introduction to the Bible)
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◎《聖經》總共包含 66 部書,分為《舊約》 (The Old Testamenent) 與《新約》(The New Testament) 兩個部份。《聖經》的結構如下:
1.《舊約》(39 部書):摩西五經、歷史書、 詩歌書、大小先知書
2.《新約》(27 部書):四福音書與使徒行傳、保羅書信與一般書信、啟示錄

◎ 英文 “Testament” 就是 “Agreement” (約定),表示上帝與世人的誓約。

◎ 聖經作者:
1. 各個時代來自各階層的人士:君王 ( Solomon 所羅門王) 、先知 (Isaiah 以賽亞)、稅吏 (Mathew 馬太)、使徒 (Paul 保羅)。
2. 上帝:透過聖靈感動上述作者而撰寫出《聖經》。

◎ 聖經語言:
1.《舊約》:多數為希伯來文 (Hebrew),少數為阿拉姆語 (Aramaic)。
2.《新約》:希臘文 (Greek) 。



The word Bible is derived from the Greek βιβλίos or βιβλία, (“biblios” or “biblia”) meaning book or books. The Bible is not a single book, but rather a collection of smaller works, written over a long period of time, all considered part of God’s revelation to mankind.

The three main monotheistic religions are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Surprisingly, all three recognize parts of the Bible as a true revelation. However, Jews reject the New Testament, and Islam claims the Bible was corrupted over the years. Therefore, additional revelation was given tthrough the prophet Mohammed in the Qur’ano to correct these errors. Still, Islam recognizes most of the Bible accounts to be God’s Word.

The Bible is by far the most copied, published, and studied document ever known.  It is divided into two main sections: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Bible contains 66 individual books, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. It  has a dual authorship. The immediate authors were writers coming from different countries and walks of life and social positions. But the ultimate author is God: the Bible is his message which he wrote through many different people at different times. These books were written by 40 authors over a period of 1,500 years working in three languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek). 

The Old Testament contains books about God’s law, books of histoy, books of poetry and wisdom, and books of the prophets, while the New Testament includes books of the life of Jesus Christ, the history of the first Christians, letters from apostles, and a book of prophetic visions.

The Bible conveyes only one message: God’s salvation of his people. The Old Testament tells of God’s chosen people, the people of Israel, and their relationship with God. It describes human disobedience and God’s salvation through the promise of his Messiah. The New Testament describes the fulfilling of God’s plan of salvation in the coming of his son, Jesus Christ, who Christians believe to be the Messiah: his life, death, resurrection, and ascension, and the growth of the church, God’s redeemed people.



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