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本著好奇寶寶的心理,版主透過網路匯整了美國西岸舊金山以及美國東岸紐約的地鐵標語,貼文於此供網友參考 (老美寫的英文,總該對了吧)。網友可能會問:那歐洲的標語呢?版主的回答是:你要相信新加坡人的中文,還是相信台灣人的中文?我想,答案已經很明顯了。

◎ 一般地鐵安全手則 (Subway Safety)

Slow down and hold the handrail when you are on the stairs or escalators. 

Wet floors can be slippery. Avoid any wet areas in the station if possible. If a wet area is not marked off, report its locaton to the Station Agent.

Emergency fire extinguishers are located on all levles of the stations and are well marked. 

In the event of an emergency, listen for instructions over the public address system or directly from subway personnel.


◎ 手扶梯安全 (On The Escalator)

Look at the direction of the escalator before you take the first step.

Never run or walk on escalators; always hold the handrail and face forward.

Be careful – loose shoelaces, rubber boots and baggy clothes can get caught in the moving parts of the escalator.

Keep your feet away from the side of the tread (梯面) where a shoe may be caught between the tread and the side of the escalator.

Escalator steps are always moving and have spaces that can grab. This means you should avoid resting packages (or yourself) on the stairs. You’ll also want to keep clothing and shoes away from the sides. 

Carefully supervise children who are in your care so that they do not sit or play on stairs and escalators.

When you leave an escalator, be alert and set off, rather than ride off, the tread.

On the escalator, be alert and ready to set off the tread when you have reached the landing.

Always pick up your feet and step carefully or off the escalator. Never drag or slide your feet off the edge of the escalator.



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