英文電子郵件範例解說 (11)
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Great news!

Well the long wait is over, TriVita registrations are now open. If you are not yet signed up in TriVita here is what you need to do.

1. Go to your RIOY back office

2. Click on the Get Started page


4. On the next page, please fill out the form and send us all the requested information

5. Then we will send you a TriVita referral link with instructions on how to get signed up

At this time you will want to make sure that your RIOY membership is in good standing and reactivate if necessary.

Also consider opting for the one time deposit/loan in order to jump start your TriVita business.

If you have any questions about this process check the updated back office and then submit a helpdesk ticket if you still have questions. We’ll be glad to help you.

Here we go folks!



1. Great news! = 好消息!

2. the long wait is over = 漫長的等待已經結束

3. not yet singed up in TriVita = 尚未加入 TriVita 這家公司

4. fill out the form = 填寫表格
fill out = fill in

Please fill in (out) the application form.

5. be in good standing = 有好名聲。這裡是指不欠會費,不胡亂發言的會員
standing (u) = 社會上的地位、名聲、身分、等級 (social position, reputation, status, rank)

He is a scientist of good /high standing. ( respected, eminent)

6. reactivate = 重新恢復會籍

7. if necessary = 如有必要 (常用句型,要背下來)

8. opt for sth = 決定某事物

Fewer students are opting for science courses nowadays.

9. jump start = 本意是用推助來啟動汽車,這裡是指開始事業

另外常用的地方是汽車的電池沒電時,用  “jumper cable” 來啟動汽車。

The funny thing is that I have never had to jump start a car in my life. I’ve had a lot of people ask for jumper cables, but I have never had to jump start my car.

10. submit a helpdesk ticket = 就是到網站後台去尋求協助。
ticket – 發問一次就是一張 “ticket”。 “ticket” 都有編號,可利用此編號來追蹤客服人員處理的進度。 

11. Here we go! 
(正確意義):(我們) 開始了

英文還有許多類似用法,請參照『英文 “There You go!” 該如何使用?』。


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