英美文化 – The White Stork《送子鳥》
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In Western cultrue, the White Stork is a symbol of childbirth. Several factors contributed to this belief in the stork as the bringer of children. In ancient times, people noticed some storks nested atop chimnyes, down which the new baby could be imagined as entering the house. Moreover, the stork loves water, and tradition held that it was in the watery places that the souls of unborn babies lived. 

版主記得小時後曾經問奶奶:小孩子是怎麼來的?奶奶面不改色地說:從石頭蹦出來的。這麼豬頭的答案,版主還當真了好幾年,直到接觸色情書刊之後,才解了人生的大疑惑。西方小孩也不例外,如果問這種問題 (“Where did I come from?”),有些尷尬的父母通常會敷衍過去,回答是送子鳥送來的 (“The stork brough you to us.”)。東西方豬頭的程度還真是不相上下。

◎ (Examples from Urban Dictionary)

The stork : a poor excuse for explaining sex & where babies come from 

Jerry: Mommy telled me that babies come fwum the stork.
Poppa: Man dats buu shit! Where is that lyin’ bitch so I can show you how babies really get made.



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