英文單字 “Whenever” (每當) 的用法
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◎ whenever (every time that/as often as)

Whenever she comes, she brings a friend.
(她每次來都帶個朋友) – 講述習慣,當然要用現在簡單式。

The roof leaks whenever it rains. (每逢下雨屋頂就漏雨)
The roof will leak whenever it rains. (這句話有語病 – 錯誤的用法)
我們可以說:The roof will leak when it rains. 或者 The roof will leak if it rains. 或者 The roof leaks when (= if) it rains.

I avoided going out with him whenever possible.
(只要可能,我都避免跟他一起出去)  – 指過去的事情

Every time he phones I always seem to be in the bath.

If/When 也可表達「每當」的意思 (repeated, predictable events)
When/If you heat ice, it turns into water.
When/If I am in Liverpool, I usually stay with my sister.


◎ whenever = at any time/ regardless of when (隨時/只要)
I’ll discuss it with you whenever (any time) you like.

Come to see me whenever you have time.

You can tear the magazines and newspapers and take the pages with you, so that you can read them whenever you have time.

Whenever we have a vacation, I’ll travel to someplace in Taiwan.
Whenever (= Every time) I have a vacation, I take a trip to somewhere around the island.


◎ when – 有時可用來建議「未來每當發生何事」時應該如何處理。此時,”when” 約略等同於 “if”
When a hurricane is approaching, listen to your local radio and TV stations for updated storm information.
(每當颶風來臨,請收聽地方電台或收看電視來獲取颶風的最新動態。) – 這是老外所寫的防颶風建議事項

Whenever there’s a typhoon coming, we should check our rooftops, windows and doors for safety, and store water and food for emergency.
這句話是顏斯華先生文法書的例句,版主認為本句的邏輯有瑕疵。”whenever” 所說明的事情已經發生,不應該用來提供建議,本句中的 “whenever” 最好改成 “when”,而且 “there’s a typhoon coming” 感覺有點中式英文 。有關於 “There is…” 句型的用法,請參照:『「There + be / There + 動詞」 句型』。

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