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Hi folks,

A necessary clarification on how payments are made back to you for the MFM, LumpSum, and TriVita one time deposit/loan.

All payouts to you are sent to you by check. The payment processors such as AlertPay and SolidTrustPay are not used for this purpose.

Numerous reasons for this but one of the main reasons is because Karl does not keep these amounts of funds sitting in any of the payment processors and as you may have already experienced, it’s not quite so easy getting large amounts of funds into those accounts.

So to clarify, all payouts from Karl, whether it be for MFM, LumpSum, or the TriVita one time deposit/loan will be done by check and mailed to you.

Once you receive your first check from Karl you can contact the company that issues the check and make arrangements to have it directly deposited into your checking account. This does not work in all countries and you will have to check with the company that cut the check to see if you are eligible.

Sorry for the confusion


1. a clarification on = 「釐清某件事情」時的開場白,這種英文說法非常實用,請網友多多模仿。

2. payments are made back to you = 付錢還給你
payment => 這個單字有時可數,有時不可數

** 如果單指付費這項概念,就是不可數 =>
Payment of subscriptions should be made to the club.

** 如果指實際的付費,就是可數 =>
benefit payments to former employee’s families

3. payouts  = payments

4. by check = 以支票付費,背下來多多利用。

5. payment processor = 線上資金轉換組織 (著名的 “Paypa”l 就是一種 “payment processor”)
通常只要在 payment processor 開戶之後,只要知道對方的 email 帳號,便可將帳戶資金轉到他的帳戶。

6. as you may have …. = 一種起頭的說法,表明你要講的話題對方或許早已知道。

7. payouts will be done by check and mailed to you = 以支票付費,並且將支票寄給你。

8. whether it be = 這是一種假設語氣的用法,用來條列可能發生的情況。版主日後會詳細說明這種用法。   

9. issue a check = 開支票

10. make arrangements = 進行安排

11. have a check directly deposited into your checking account = 直接將支票匯入你的活期存款戶頭。

12. cut a check = 此處 “cut ” 應該是託收的意思。

13. eligible = 符合資格

14. sorry for the confusion. = 抱歉讓你有此困擾。固定用法,二話不說,把它背下來活用。


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