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tooled in gold = 燙金

tool (字面意義) = (動詞) make a design on the cover or binding of a book  (在書本封面或者書背壓印圖案)

* The spine is tooled in gold. (書脊是燙金的)

* Created in antique leather style, this notebook is very pleasing to the eye and to the touch. It is hand tooled in gold with a delicate foliage pattern.


◎ 有許多人會將相片或者證書拿去護貝,網友知道「護貝」的英文該怎麼說嗎?

laminate = 護貝

laminate (字面意義) = (動詞) make (material) by bonding thin layers together 將數張薄片一起壓製成 (材料)

只要是將數層薄片或者薄板壓製成某種材料或者壓在一起就可以用 “laminate” 這個單字

健保卡上有印上照片就可用 “laminate” 這個單字來說明。
All players are required to have a photo laminated player pass to participate in any game.

* laminated plastic (層壓塑料)

* laminated wood (膠合板)

* (Yahoo Answers 的對話)
Q: To laminate or not to laminate…?
I’ve heard it mentioned before that you should never laminate birth, marriage or death certficates, but no one has ever been able to explain why. I’ve done many documents over the years and have not had any problems. So, why not laminate?

A: lamination involves a heating process, so if the paper is in good condition it should not be a problem, but if the certificate is very old and fragile it could cause significant damage.

A: Once a document has been laminated, it is no longer available for definitive review to determine its validity or authenticity. You cannot visually inspect the ink or the quality thereof, or the authenticity of a signature. Moreover, some adhesives in lamination materials have a tendency to cause inks to run.


◎ 網友知道「魔鬼沾」的英文該怎麼說嗎?

velcro (Velcro) = (專利名稱) fastener for clothes or shoes, consisting of two nylon strips, one rough and one smooth, which stick together when pressed (魔鬼沾;尼龍搭扣)


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