英文 “Cameltoe” 是什麼意思?
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◎ Cameltoe (駱駝的腳趾頭 / 卡到陰)


下面是 ” Wikidictionary” 的解釋:
Cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of the female labia majora when seen through tight form-fitting clothes.

camel =  駱駝
toe =  腳趾頭

所以,cameltoe 就是指女人穿著緊身衣時,私處外型明顯易見。版主不才,著實不知中文是否有相應的表達方式,只能初略翻譯成『駱駝的腳指頭』。也有人用 『忍者腳指』(“Ninja Foot”) 來打趣這種情況。


* Jenny has a cameltoe with her new leather pants.

* Yo. She’s got a cameltoe. Look at her panties ridin’ up her pussy!

* Dude! She’s got a cameltoe, you can totally see her pussy!

有時可以用 “cameltoe” 來指一個人看似天不怕地不怕,個性其實膽小如鼠。
*Zion is a cameltoe; he acts like he’s so gangsta but when it comes down to the real crap he wusses out!

◎ moose knuckle  (男人穿緊身衣擠出一大片私處外形) – 想想超人內褲外穿的樣子,亦即跨下激凸。

The male version of a cameltoe. Usually found on older rotund gentlemen wearing a suit.
That guy in the business meeting was so big, his moose knuckle was sticking out of his front of his pants and it looked like a fanny pack gone wrong.

◎ coin slut (股溝妹)
= girl who is constantly displaying a coin slot


老美認為股溝就像投幣孔,因此稱其為 “coin slot”。剛好 “slut” (賤貨) 與 “slot” 發音類似,所以股溝妹理所當然被稱為 “coin slut”。

* Pull your freaking pants up. Invest in a belt, you coin slut.

* ass crack (股溝) = the split between someone’s ass cheeks
Look at the size of that guys ass crack! It runs halfway up his back

* The crack of your ass also known as the anus (you know where shit comes out of)
Yo man your crack smells worse than Nick’s body odor.

* The line on your ass that gets erased after sitting down for long periods of time.
I’d better take a marker to re-draw my ass crack because it will be gone after sitting in the plane for that long.
(坐飛機太久股溝會坐平了,得拿筆重新畫我的股溝。 ) – 美式幽默


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