英文字 “Pussy” 的用法
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英文字 “pussy” 常常出現在電影對話中,版主今天就來講講這個字,內容可能會出現一些礙眼的詞語,沒有心理準備的網友,請略過本篇。
“pussy” 常用的情形如下:

◎  Nice name for a cat / informal word for a cat, especially to children
(兒語) 貓咪
I just bought a pussy from the pet store.


◎ Slang for women’s genitals (vagina)
(俚語) 指女性的生殖器
I stroked her pussy.


3. Cowardly / an insulting word for a man who is weak or not brave.
(稱呼男人) 懦夫;膿包
He didn’t jump. He wass too much of a pussy!



以下是 ‘Urban Dictionary’ 網友下的定義,非常有趣。現貼文於此供大家參考:

Definition of “Pussy”
1. Obvious to anyone over 1 year old because they want to pet it.
(sample usage)
 5 year old: I want my own pussy cat.

2. Obvious to anyone over 8 years old because they want to make fun of them.
(sample usage)
10 year old: Stop being a pussy.

3. Obvious to anyone over 12 years old because they want to make fun of it, but also stare at it, pet it, put stuff in it etc.
(sample usage)
18 year old: Wear this shirt to the club. You’ll get finer pussy than you thought exists.


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