英文 “have” 與 “got” 的促使語態
撰文者: Wayne 發表日期: June 29, 2009 – 6:44 am

 本篇介紹 “have” 與 “got” 的促使語態。這種句型時常用於英文文章與口語會話,網友可多多學習模仿。

◎ “get” 的促使語態

1. 發生於自己身上的意外事件
Sorry for being late. I got stuck in the traffic for about an hour.

We got stranded on a coral reef.

I wouldn’t go there after dark. You might get mugged.

Don’t go to that rally. You might get beaten.
// beat it – 滾開
// (it) beats me. = used to say you can’t understand or explain sth 難倒我了
“How can these kids afford clothes like that?” “Beats me.” (You have me stumped. I can’t figure out why they can afford clothes like that.)

He had always ignored our warnings not to swim in that river and eventually got (himself) drowned in it.


b. 使自己處於某種狀態 (自己對自己做出的事情)
They got all dressed up in a minute.
(他們很快就全部整裝完畢。) // in a minute = soon


She’s upstairs getting herself ready to go out.

Obama had run a smart campaign. It wasn’t surprising that he got elected President of the U.S.


c. 使某件事情發生或者最終達成某件事情
I finally got my car repaired.

Can you really get that old car going again?



◎ “have” 的促使語態


I just had my car serviced this morning. The radiator couldn’t run out of water. – 被動
(我今天早上才做過 (叫別人做) 汽車保養,散熱箱不可能沒有水。)

He just had a guest room built on top of his apartment.  – 被動

They are having her tutored in science.  – 被動

Why don’t you have your hair cut?  – 被動



Have the driver bring the car at around 5.  – 主動

John had the gardener plan some trees.  – 主動


He had his pocked picked. = Something was stolen from his pocked.  – 被動

She had her bicycle stolen a couple of days ago.  – 被動


She had her audience listening attentively. – 主動

This film had us all sitting on the edges of our seats with excietment. – 主動


以下句型常用來表示「使某人處在某種狀態」,後接形容詞 / 被動語態。
The news had me worried.  – 被動


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