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Hi Wayne,

This issue has been escalated to another support group so I am hopeful they will be able to fix the issue.  Please note that when a change request moves to a new state the Mitac system automatically sends a notification email to the new state owner.  I’m not sure how useful the notification options are or how well they work, but you are certainly free to try them.



1. escalate = 提升到 (升級到)

escalate = increase or develop by successive stages (逐步成長)
* the steadily escalating level of umemployment (失業率逐步上升)
* escalator = 手扶梯

2. fix the issue = resolve the issue = correct the issue (解決問題)

3. notificaiton mail = 通知郵件 (這裡是指任何變更提出之後,相關人員會自動收到郵件,告知有新的工作等待處理。)

4. be certainly free to try them = 你可以去試用那些選項 (功能)





I believe that the Mitac problem that has not allowed Wayne to be manually assigned change requests has finally been resolvedAs of this morning, I was able to find Wayne in the list of available users when manually setting the “Engineer”, and the support team just indicated that they have now corrected the issue

I am sorry that it took so long to resolve the issue. Please let me know if you still have problems with this.




1. the Mitac problem that ……. has finally been resolved. = Mitac 的問題終於解決了

2. as of .. = indicating the time or date from which sth starts (指某件事物開始的時間或日期)

3. just indicated =  剛剛指明

4. they have now corrected the issue. = 他們已經解決問題

5. Please let me know if you still have problems with this. = 如果你們對這件事還有問題,請告知我。
** 超好用的句型,馬上背起來使用。



Thank you for contacting BNA Support with your concern. We have reviewed your Berry Tree account and found that your autoship order did clear today, 2/25/09.

Your next autoship is scheduled for 3/25/09.

To update or check the status of this Ticket:
Please log into your Nutronix, Berry Tree or AutomaticBuilder website and click the “BNA Support” link.


1. contact = 聯絡 

2. concern = worry; anxiety 擔心 /擔憂
其實,網友不用拘泥於字面意思,這裡的 “concern” 就是我們口頭常說的「問題」。

3. clear = pass through (sth) after satisfying official requirements  (符合規定而通過)
Your autoship order did clear today. = 你的自動訂貨訂單今天已經核可 (表示對方已經收到貨款)

The first check will go out two months after we receive your payment so that we know the payment has cleared.
(這裡的 “clear” 是指票據交換所結算與清算 – pass a check through a clearing-house)

“did” 有強調的意思,用來加強肯定的語氣 。例如:
He does look tired. (他的確看起來很累。)
She did write to say thank you. (她的確寫過信向你道謝。)

4. be scheduled for = 預計

5. check the status = 檢查處理狀態 (情形)

6. Ticket = 這是網路生意常用的說法,每詢問一次就算是一張 “Ticket”,每張 “Ticket” 都會有編號供查詢時使用。

7. log into = 登錄網站


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