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Hi folks,

Just a clarification on the TriVik business and non US members.

TriVik only does business in the US, and they do not support international customers at this point. There ARE people in other countries that have TriVik businesses using the information that we used to post in the RIOY back office and even TriVik acknowledged that at one point.

However, TriVik will not allow us to promote or support that any longer. Some of our members have spent considerable time and expense preparing to do business in the US and we don’t want to turn our backs on them. But it must be clearly understood that RIOY is not promoting or supporting non US business. If you were to encounter problems or issues with TriVik we would not be able to help you with that.

Another option for non US members would be to consider the MFM or Lump Sum programs. This will prove to be a far easier proposition for you.

If you have already acquired your US address and tax EIN, or you have relatives/friends in the US that you are going to team up with, then the decision whether to move forward with TriVita with these conditions is yours to make. If you have not already acquired a US address and tax EIN then unfortunately we will have to decline helping you with a TriVita business.

Again, please check out the MFM or Lump Sum programs that Karl is offering.

If you have any questions or need further clarification please submit an RIOY Helpdesk ticket.

Thank you!




◎ Hi folks,  = 隨性的開場稱呼 (大家好!) 

◎ Just a clarification on sth = 我要澄清某件事 / 在此要針對某件事情說明清楚

◎ at this point = 目前 // at one point = 過去某個時間點;曾經
point = particular time of instant (某一個時刻或瞬間)
At one point I thought she was going to refuse, but in the end she agreed to marry me.

◎ There ARE people… = “are” 大寫表示強調。

◎ not … any longer = no longer… = 不再

◎ considerable time and expense = 花費許多時間與金錢 

◎ turn one’s backs on = 回絕

◎ It must be clearly understood that … = 被動式的用法,告訴會員要暸解後面說的事情

◎ RIOY is not promoting or supporting non US business. = RIOR 目前不推薦或者支援非美國人從事 TriVik 事業

◎ If you were to encounter problems or issues with TriVik we would not be able to help you with that. = 萬一你從事 TriVik 事業遇到任何問題,我們將愛莫能助。
“were to” = 非事實的假設 

◎ option = 選擇;選項

◎  would be = 版主認為這是「客氣」的用法,請網友多多注意。

◎ proposition = thing that is proposed 建議 / 提議
a proposition to merger two firms (將兩家商行合併的提議)

◎ team up with = 與某人合作

◎ the decision …. is yours to make = 要由你來決定

◎ check out = check up on sth = examine sth to determine if it is true, safe, or correct 檢查某物是否真實、安全或正確
其實,”check out” 就是要你去看看某件物品或節目。電視台或廣播的 DJ 常常會用到這句話。

◎ submit a ticket = 提交客服問題 (一個問題就是一張 ticket)


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