英文片語 “In one’s own right” 是什麼意思?
撰文者: Wayne 發表日期: August 7, 2009 – 4:03 am

版主讀文章時偶爾會看見這種用法:She is a peeress in her own right. (她本身就是貴族。) => not merely by marriage to a peer.

這裡的 “right” 是指「依法所獲得的權利」(because of a personal claim or qualification)。有時可泛指「依靠自己的能力或本身的論述而達成某種結果或成就」 (by reason of one’s own ability or ownership),如下:

* She’s a rich woman in her own right rather than by inheritance.

* an excellent novel in its own right
(絕佳的小說 – 因為內容引人入勝,而非書商強力推銷。)

* Koolhaas founded OMA (The Office for Metropolitan Architecture) with other architects in 1975. They were later joined by one of Koolhaas’s students, Zaha Hadid – who would soon go on to achieve success in her own right. (依靠自己努力而成功)



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