NBA 籃球英文術語解說 (P- Z)
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Palming = a violation in which a player moves his hand under the ball and scoops it while dribbling
翻球;翻腕,運球違例動作,也作 “Carrying the ball”。

Pass = when a passer throws the ball to a teammate; used to start plays, move the ball downcourt, keep it away from defenders and get it to a shooter.

Perimeter =the area beyond the foul circle away from the basket, including 3-point line, from which players take long-range shots.

Personal foul = contact between players that may result in injury or provide one team with an unfair advantage; players may not push, hold, trip, hack, elbow, restrain or charge into an opponent; these are also counted as team fouls.  

Playmaker =the point guard who generally sets up plays for his teammates.

Pick-and-roll = A play in which an offensive player sets a pick, then cuts or “rolls” toward the basket and takes a pass from a teammate for an open shot.
擋切戰術。籃球中的基本進攻戰術之一,進攻隊員給持球的隊友作掩護英語叫 “set a pick”,然後掩護隊員向籃下移動叫 “roll /cut”,再接隊友的傳球,在無人防守的情況下投籃。Pick n’ Roll 是 Malone 和 Stockton 的看家本領。以 “pick” 為基礎衍生出的戰術還有 “pick-and-fade”、”pick-and-split” 等。

Pick = the offensive player who stands between a teammate and a defender to gives his teammate the chance to take an open shot.

Picked off = refers to a defender who has been successfully prevented from reaching the ball handler by an offensive screen.

Pick-up games = impromptu games played among players who just met.

Pivot =a center; also the foot that must remain touching the floor until a ball handler who has stopped dribbling is ready to pass or shoot.
a. 中樞足;以中樞足轉動身體來改變方向的動作 (n)。
b. 籃下由中鋒控制的區域。

Playoffs = The NBA Playoffs are one of the most exciting times of the year if your an avid NBA fan. The playoffs come only once a year when the 16 best teams go head to head and face off until 1 champion is named.

Point guard = The point guard runs the offense and watches the backcourt. His role is so important to the team that he is really an extension of the coach on the floor. 

Possession =to be holding or in control of the ball

Position =The three basketball positions normally employed by organized basketball teams are: guard, forward, and center.
位置。NBA 中運動員被分為三個位置,分別是前鋒 (大小前鋒)、中鋒、後衛 (得分後衛與控球後衛)。

Power forward = The power forward plays the #4 position and may be referred to as a post player, meaning he spends much of his time in the low post (close to the basket).

Press = extends defense into the opponent’s back-court
緊迫盯人(防守)。”full-court press” 是全場緊逼盯人;”half-court press” 是半場緊迫盯人。

Pump fak =offensive technique: a fake in which a player motions upward as if he is going to shoot the ball but holds back, hoping his defender will jump out of position.

Quadruple-double =double-digits scored in 4 categories.

Quarter = a game is divided into four segments. One segment is referred to as a quarter.
節。一場 NBA 比賽分成四節,每節 12 分鐘。前兩節稱 “first-half”,後兩節稱 “second-half”。中間有中場休息。

Rebound=when a player grabs a ball that is coming off the rim or backboard after a shot attempt; see offensive rebound and defensive rebound.

Receiver =the player who receives a pass from the ball handler.

Refree = One of two or three officials in charge of a game, whoe are responsible for calling all violations and fouls, levying penalties, and signaling valid field goals.

Regulation game = four 12-minute quarters in the NBA or two 20-minute halves in college; a game that ends without overtime periods.

Rejection = A blocked shot

Release =the moment that the ball leaves a shooter’s hands

Reverse dunk = a dunk that’s made backward, over the shooter’s head

Rookie =a player in his first NBA season
新人,即第一年在 NBA 打球的運動員。

Roster = the list of players on a team

Run = occurs when one team scores several field goals in quick succession while its opponents score few or none
連續得分。比賽中螢幕上會經常打出某支球隊 12-0 run in last 4 minutes,就是說這支球隊在剛剛過去的 4 分鐘內連得了 12 分,打出 12 比 0 的小高潮。

Salary Cap =an annual dollar limit that a single team may pay all its players.

Score = the action of gettin the ball into the basket, and two or three points are credited.
得分。Scorer 得分手。

Scoring opportunity =when a player gets open for a shot that is likely to score

Screen =the offensive player who stands between a teammate and a defender to gives his teammate the chance to take an open shot.
掩護,同 “pick”。

Screen out = 卡位。

Season = the period during which NBA games are being played

Shot clock = a clock that limits the time a team with the ball has to shoot it; 24 seconds in the NBA; in college, 35 seconds for men, 30 seconds for women.
24 秒計時器。

Shooter =a player who takes a shot at the basket.

Shooter’s roll =the ability to get even an inaccurate shot to bounce lightly off the rim and into the basket
(有能力讓) 跳投的球在籃框彈跳幾下落網。

Shooting range =the distance from which a player is likely to make his shots.

Sidelines =2 boundary lines that run the length of the court.

Sixth man =the best substitute on a team; usually the first player to come off the bench to replace a starter.

Slam dunk = see “dunk”.
 重扣,特指雙手持球高高跳起的使出吃奶力氣的重扣,也可以是單手的重扣,這裏 slam 表示砰的一聲,強調扣籃時發出的聲音。也作 Dunk。

Small forward = The small forward is typically a prolific scorer and a strong defender. Versatility is normally the trademark of a good small forward, who must be big enough to play close to the basket, but quick enough to play on the perimeter.

Spin = 轉身。

Squad = an informal term for a basketball team

Squaring up =when a player’s shoulders are facing the basket as he releases the ball for a shot; considered good shooting position.

Starting-lineup = the 5 starters who begin a game; usually a team’s best players.
先發 (五位) 球員;開場陣容。

Steal = to take the ball away from the opposing team, either off the dribble or by picking off a pass.

Strong side = The side of the court on which the ball is located. Opposite of weak side

Substitutes =a player who comes into the game to replace a player on the court.

Suspend = when a player is not allowed to attend basketball games or practice with the team 

Swing man =a player who can play both the guard and forward positions.

Swish = 空心命中。
*swish = cause sth to swing through the air with a hissing sound 讓物體飛躍空中時發出唰的一聲

Switch = When teammates exchange defensive assignments during play.

Tap in = 把球輕輕碰進籃框

Team = The defensive tactic of two or more players guarding one.

Team fouls = each personal foul committed by a player is also counted against his team; when a team goes over the limit, its opponent is awarded free-throw opportunities.

Technical foul = A type of foul usually called because of violation or misconduct, basically unsportsmanlike conduct not involving physical contact between players.

Three-point play =a 2-point field goal followed by a successful free-throw.

Three-point shot =a field goal worth 3 points because the shooter had both feet on the floor behind the 3-point line when he released the ball; also counts if one foot is behind the line while the other is in the air.

Three-pointer = a field goal made from beyond the three-point line

Three-second violation = An offensive or defensive player may not stand in the lane for three seconds.

Throw-in =the method by which a team with possession inbounds the ball.

Tie = the finish of a game in which the winner is undecided.

Timeout =when play is temporarily suspended by an official or at the request of a team to respond to an injured player or discuss strategy; there are full timeouts (100 seconds) and 20-second timeouts.
暫停。NBA 有 20 秒的短暫停 (20-second timeout) 和 100 秒的長暫停 (regular timeout)。

Tip-in = A field goal scored by tapping the ball into the basket with the fingertips

Tip-off =the initial jump ball that starts the game.

Transition = the shift from offense to defense.

Traveling = a floor violation when the ball handler takes too many steps without dribbling; also called walking.
走步違例,也作 “Walking”。

Triple-double = when a player scores double-digits in 3 categories during one game (points, assists and rebounds are most common, but it can also be blocks or steals); a sign of great versatility.

Turnover = when the offense loses possession through its own fault by passing the ball out of bounds or committing a floor violation.
失誤,(縮寫:To.)。NBA中專門有一項資料統計叫 assist/turnover,是用這個隊員助攻數比上他的失誤數,這項統計能準確反映某位控球後衛的表現是否稱職。

Uniform = clothes worn by NBA teams
制服。籃球運動員的制服當然是背心和短褲了,uniform 有時也特指背心 (Jersey)。

Upset =when a higher-seeded (better) team loses to a lower-seeded (inferior) one.
種子排名較高的球隊敗給排名較低的球隊。NBA 發生過好幾次所謂的「老八傳奇」(第八種子擊敗第一種子)。 

Veteran = well-experienced player
老鳥;老運動員。NBA 非常重視 veteran,各球隊都把自己的 veteran 視為財富,veteran 這個詞在 NBA 的出現機率非常高。

Weak side = the side of the court away from the ball.

Wide open = when a player is unguarded by a defender.
無人防守。戰術配合的目的就是給隊友製造 wide open 的機會,以便讓他從容出手。

Zone = a defense where each defender is responsible for an area of the court and must guard any player who enters that area; compare with man-to-man defense.
區域聯防;區域防守。也作 “Zone defense“。

1-and-1 or 1-plus-1 =in college, a free-throw attempt awarded for certain violations that earns the shooter a 2nd attempt only if the first is successful.

◎ 24-second violation = 24秒進攻違例。進攻方必須要在24秒內出手, 如果24秒鐘到了卻還沒有出手,是違例。如果及時出手了,球卻沒有碰到籃框,那也是違例。

◎ 2 on 1 = 快攻時 2 打 1。3 打 2 就叫 ‘3 on 2’。

◎ 3-second violation = 籃下三秒違例 (進攻球員不得連續待在禁區 3 秒以上,必須在 3 秒之內雙腳皆離開禁區之後才能再踏入)。

◎ 3-2 zone defense = 3 /2 區域聯防。

 5-second violation = 5 秒違例。
* 防守 5 秒違例 (進攻球員被裁判認定正有防守球員看管著,但只是持球卻沒傳、沒運也沒投,那就是違例,防守方一次成功的防守獲得球權)。
* 罰球 5 秒違例 (罰球員接到球後必須在 5 秒內出手,否則該球就算違例,沒有得分。如果發生在此次罰球中的最後一球,那不僅沒得分,球還直接歸對方)。

 8-second violation = 8 秒違例。
* 進攻球隊必須要在 8 秒之內把球「第一次」帶到前場,也就是 24 秒倒數計時器數到 16 時,球一定要在前場出現過。


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