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Private Estate, Berkshire London

This private 150 acre estate, approximately one hour west of London was formerly a working stud farm. The property is scattered in more than twenty 19th Century Victorian, utilitarian brick buildings ranging in function from stable buildings to staff cottages. The property was acquired by a single family in 1998, and the architects collaborated with the NY practice, Leroy Street Studio, to masterplan and reconfigure the site as a family retreat. This included redesigning the landscape around the existing buildings with new courtyards, cloisters, a formal sunken garden and maze garden, an expanded lake, and introducing new infrastructure where required. The brief demanded the reuse of the existing brick buildings to provide new functions: an outdoor dining pavilion, an indoor swimming pool, a guest house, a children’s playhouse, a tennis pavilion, a campanile and various service structures. Reflecting the client’s interest and knowledge in modern art, the architecture of the new work shows deference to the context by contrasting what presently stands, with very modern new interventions. The collaboration of the architects was established over ten years ago, by the directors of the companies, on the same client’s first residence in London.


這座私人莊園佔地 150 英畝,位於倫敦西方車程大約一小時之處,以前曾是一所種馬場,當時二十多棟的 19 世紀維多利亞磚瓦建築散落於莊園各處,提供各種功能,包括馬廄與僱員宿舍。本莊園於 1998 年時轉讓給某個單親家庭。設計師與紐約利萊街建築事務所 (Leroy Street Studio) 共同合作,根據整體環境來設計規劃,將莊園改建成私人度假場所。設計內容包括重新規劃磚瓦建築的周圍景緻,新建中庭、迴廊、佈局規則的低窪花園、迷宮花園與擴建湖濱,並且依據需求隨時興建基礎設施。設計師重新規劃原有的磚瓦建築,使其提供額外用途,包括戶外晚餐亭閣、室內游泳池、客房、兒童遊戲室、網球場、鐘樓,以及其他各種建築。因為業主對現代藝術極感興趣且涉獵廣泛,設計師乃採用非常前衛的現代材料來設計出異於現有房舍的建築。這群建築師早在十幾年前就經由公司董事的介紹一起合作過,共同為這位業主設計出倫敦的第一間住宅。

Planning negotiations were necessary to allow the creation of new roads accessing the property, closer to the existing boundary of the property, as well as material considerations of working within the context of an “area of outstanding natural beauty”. The property, whilst not being listed, required a sensitive approach.



The existing brick buildings have been substantially reconfigured and reconceived with their new functions. The courtyard elevation to the Pool House (Flooded Stable) retains its old brick facades, with modern oak stable doors and new triangular punched dormers to signal a new world beyond.


舊磚瓦建築經歷大幅度翻修並賦予全新用途。中庭墊高處到游泳池 (滿溢池水的馬廄) 之間仍然保有磚瓦外觀,並且裝設現代橡木馬廄門與全新的三角屋頂窗,展示出戶外亮麗的新世界。

Flooded Stable
When the north stable doors are pinned open, water of the indoor pool laps against their slate thresholds, and the building appears flooded. One enters through a watery chamber across an oak bridge, leaving the brick courtyard for a world of minimal materials: oak, slate and plaster. Crossing the bridge one passes through the building’s rear facade to a connective link of floating plaster planes within a garden. Embedded within each of the plaster walls is a large oak box containing storage niches and cabinets. These joinery pieces also contain areas of glazing allowing discrete views into the landscape. At one end of the link, the pool is entered through a sitting room, at the other an adjacent stable building has been converted into bath and dressing rooms, along with a slate lined steam room. The steam room also has an enigmatic lay light over, allowing a diffused sense of the sky beyond.



Flitched oak and stainless steel trusses support a new plaster ceiling over the pool, pierced by small triangular dormers. The water appears to have subsided to its current level, leaving a line of slate around the room several inches up the wall. The strata of slate reads down into the water and reveals at one end the carved form of a hot pool lying just beneath the water’s surface.



Great Hall
The existing walls and roof were retained and a new terrazzo floor with pieces of embedded marble was installed with a stainless steel drainage trench around the perimeter. New brick openings in the south and east walls were framed with plate steel jambs and new steel channel lintels. Glazed with plate glass, the opening in the south wall frames a view down a long landscape corridor to a copse of trees beyond. The rhythm of smaller openings on the south wall opens onto a new herb garden. In fair weather, the plate glass slides away into wall recesses transforming the building into an open-air pavilion.




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