NBA 籃球解說:Lakers vs Magic Game 2 Running Diary (2009 NBA Finals) – 下半場
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 版主是湖人隊的球迷,2009 年的 NBA 季後賽由西區冠軍湖人隊與東區冠軍魔術隊爭奪總冠軍頭銜,第二戰兩隊戰得難分難解,廝殺到最後一刻才由老經驗的湖人隊勝出。本篇英文內容出自湖人隊官網,版主將其譯成中文,有興趣的網友不妨參考,講解內容如有錯誤,請不吝指正。

本篇是下半場的現場報導,上半場報導在此:『NBA 籃球解說:Lakers vs Magic Game 2 Running Diary 解說 (2009 NBA Finals) – 上半場』。


Lakers – Magic Running Diary 2
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Third Quarter
11:02 Howard, Turkoglu and Alston made consecutive shots to open the half for Orlando, while the Lakers got just a Bryant jumper and two turnovers as Orlando drew within a point.
11:02 下半場一開賽,霍華德、特科格魯與艾斯頓連續投籃得手,湖人隊儘靠布蘭特跳投得兩分以及對方兩次失誤,魔術只落後一分。

7:42 Ariza went hard to the rim and finished a layup after Gasol’s bucket to put L.A. back up by three after Orlando had taken a one-point lead. Still, the collective energy in the building was poor, just as was L.A.’s non-Kobe effort.
7:42 加索得分之後,阿里沙又強力進攻籃框,上籃得分,湖人又領先三分。魔術稍早還以一分領先湖人。然而,整體打得依舊不夠積極,就像湖人沒有布蘭特在場一樣。

4:39 Orlando had seized the tempo to a certain extent after Howard’s block of Gasol and dunk at the other end, but Ariza’s defensive play on Orlando’s center led to a big one-handed Bryant dunk at the other to keep L.A. up three.
4:39 某種程度看來,魔術已經掌控住節奏,霍華德賞了加索火鍋,然後又在前場扣籃得分。不過,阿里沙隊魔術中鋒的防守做得很成功,讓布蘭特在前場單手暴扣,湖人維持三分領先。

3:48 The Magic have done a better job at making L.A. pay for doubling Howard, getting Turkoglu’s three, their 5th, to tie the game at 54.
3:48 湖人雙人包夾霍華德,不過魔術卻讓湖人付出代價,特科格魯三分命中,這是魔術第五個三分球,比數又變成 54 平手。

2:13 Turkoglu hit his second three in a row, but Odom’s baseline jumper took a point off. Bryant’s defensive board then got an open look for Gasol at the other end, but Pau missed for the seventh time in 11 attempts, and Odom was whistled for a loose-ball foul, his third, as Orlando clung to a 1-point lead.
2:13 特科格魯連續命中第二顆三分球,不過歐登的底線跳投得手,雙方只差一分。布蘭特搶到防守籃板,隨後在前場替加索創造大空檔,但加索失手,這是11 次投籃的第7次失手。歐登爭搶籃板時被吹判犯規,這是他個人的第三犯,魔術依舊保持一分領先。

1:20 Bryant’s top-of-the-key jumper put L.A. back on top, but Howard quickly countered with an alley-oop layup from Turkoglu to make it 61-60 Magic.
1:20 布蘭特在罰球線後方跳投得手,湖人隊又領先,不過霍華德很快就回擊,接到特科格魯傳球後空中接力上籃得分,61 比 60 ,魔術領先。

0:35.1 Nelson drove unmolested to the hole, pulling up for a floater, but Fisher this time answered with an open three off Bryant’s penetration to level the score. The crowd tried to get into the game a bit, but Turkoglu capped a big individual quarter (14 points) with a pull-up jumper to put Orlando up 65-63 heading into the final quarter.
0:35.1 尼爾森在沒人阻擋之下帶球到罰球線附近拋射得分,不過布蘭特切入後傳球給費雪,找到大空檔三分命中,扳平比數。現場球迷嘗試鼓譟加油,不過特科格魯又急停跳投得手,單節表演個人秀 (共得 14 分),讓魔術在進入第四節之前以 65 比 63 領先。 


Fourth Quarter
9:50 Odom continued an excellent game with three straight field goals to put L.A. up 69-68, getting himself to 15 points on … wait for it … 7-of-8 shooting.
9:50 歐登火力依舊旺盛,連續三記投籃命中,湖人反倒以 69 比 68 領先,他個人也已經獨得 15 分,投籃 8 投 7 中。

9:24 Bryant’s free throws followed Odom’s spurt to put L.A. up three as the energy started to pick up from the Lakers and the home crowd, at least before another long TV timeout.
9:24 歐登開火後,布蘭特兩罰全中,湖人三分領先,整體士氣開始高漲,主場球迷也開始興奮起來。接下來又是一段很長的電視 (廣告) 暫停。

7:18 A snapshot back to Game 1 came as Bryant hit a jumper out of the pick and roll, though Howard answered with a put-back to keep L.A.’s lead at a single point.
7:18 畫面出現第一場賽事回顧,布蘭特在擋拆戰術之後跳投得分,雖然霍華德補籃得分讓湖人只領先一分。

6:15 The first Lewis three of the quarter came at a key time, giving Orlando the lead right back after Bryant’s three was disallowed since he stepped out of bounds. Bryant felt he was bumped by Howard, but didn’t get any love.
6:15 布蘭特投進三分球,但是腳踩出線外不算,路易斯隨即在關鍵時刻投進三分球,讓魔術取回領先優勢。布蘭特認為是霍華德撞他,但裁判不買帳。

4:32 Great defense from Howard didn’t stop Gasol from nailing an uber-difficult fadeaway that tied the score at 79. At the other end, Ariza knocked the ball out of Howard’s hands in the paint, and the crowd/team went nuts when a PF was called. Howard made both.
4:32 霍華德防守極佳,但是加索依舊靠著高難度的後仰式跳投得分,雙方又變成 79 平手。在球場另一端,阿里沙在罰球區將從霍華德手中拍掉,球迷與湖人隊員幾乎瘋狂,不過裁判認為這是個人犯規。霍華德兩罰皆中。

3:17 Bryant missed the front end of two free throws as L.A. trailed by that single point, but Ariza drew a Turkoglu push off that ultimately saw Bryant go back to the line at the other end after drawing the fifth Mickael Pietrus foul. This time, Bryant made both, and L.A. led 82-81.
3:17 布蘭特獲得兩次罰球機會,不過第一投都是失手,湖人緊咬對方,只落後一分。不過,阿里沙讓特科格魯推了一把,最後布蘭特帶球過半場,讓皮特魯斯吃上第五次犯規而獲得罰球機會。這一次布蘭特兩罰皆中,湖人82 比 81 取得領先。 

2:40 Almost immediately after an inbounds pass, Turkoglu pushed Bryant, sending Kobe back to the line. He again made both to get to 25 points and give the Lakers an 84-81 lead.
2:40 特科格魯在球從界外一傳進場內時推了布蘭特一把,讓他站上罰球線。布蘭特又再度兩罰命中,獲得 25 分,湖人84 比 81 領先對手。

2:21 J.J. Redick’s first points of the game certainly came at a good time … His three-pointer tied the game.
2:21 瑞狄克這場比賽首度得分,來得正是時候。他飆中三分球讓兩隊平手。

1:33 Lewis spun out of a double-team and hit a tough runner to give Orlando the lead back, but Bryant answered at the other end on a tough running bank shot of his own. Game tied at 86.
1:33 路易斯受到包夾,轉身後突圍後運球進攻,命中一記高難度的投籃,魔術取回領先優勢。但是,布蘭特在前場單吃,以高難度的動作打板得分。兩隊 86 比 86 平手。

0:47.7 Turkoglu, with a deserved reputation for hitting big shots, did it again, this time with a 23-foot two-pointer to put Orlando up 88-86.
0:47.7 特科格魯總能夠在關鍵時刻得分,他又辦到了,這次他從 23 英尺外投進兩分球,魔術隊 88 比 86 領先。

0:10.0 A really good defensive possession for L.A. forced Lee to take a tough runner in the lane, which he missed over Gasol’s outstretched hands, giving the Lakers the ball with a chance to win at the buzzer…
0:10.0 湖人防守堅強,迫使李爾只能在罰球區勉強投射,加索伸出長手阻攻,球沒進。湖人取得球權,有機會在終場前發出致命的ㄧ擊來贏得比賽。

0:00.6 Tough play to end the period: Bryant drove past Turkoglu, went up to shoot a leaner and got hit on the elbow by Lewis. No whistle blew, and Bryant continued with his shooting motion as Turkoglu recovered from behind to block the ball out of bounds with .06 of a second remaining, Magic ball.
0:00.6 結束前的高難度進攻:布蘭特運球騙過特科格魯,跳起向前投籃,被路易斯打中手肘。裁判沒有吹哨。布蘭特繼續想要投籃,特科格魯回頭從後面將球拍掉,時間只剩 0.06 秒,魔術取得球權。

0:00 Lee had a great opportunity to score on an alley-oop, but he missed the layup from a tough angle to force OT.
0:00 李爾有大好機會可以空中接力得分,不過投籃角度不好而失手。兩隊要進入延長加賽。



3:53 Orlando turned the ball over for the second consecutive possession to start the OT, as Fisher stripped Howard and Ariza knocked it off Turkoglu to give L.A. the ball. Bryant missed a jumper after the first, but Gasol stuck two free throws after Fisher’s lay off to put L.A. up two.
3:53 延長加賽後,魔術連續兩次失誤,費雪從霍華德手中搶到球,阿里沙也從特科格魯抄到球,讓湖人得到寶貴的球權。第一次轉換球權後,布蘭特跳投失手,但是費雪超到球後,加索兩次罰球都命中,湖人領先兩分。

3:20 A nice pass from Turkoglu allowed Howard’s layup, plus the foul on Bryant to tie the game, and his free throw made it 91-90. Howard was 7-of-9 at the line.
3:20 特科格魯妙傳,霍華德上籃得分,還造成布蘭特犯規,兩隊暫時平手。霍華德罰球得分,比數 91 比 90 。霍華德罰球 9 投 7 中。

2:19 Tough, tough pull-up on the baseline from Bryant with Turkoglu in his face.
2:19 即使面對特科格魯,布蘭特依舊從底線急停跳投,以超高難度的方式得分。

1:53 and Fisher made an even tougher play to strip Redick, then draw the foul in transition at the other end (as is always his strategy). He made both, and L.A. led by three.
1:53 費雪從瑞狄克手中抄到球,攻守轉換時又在前場讓對方犯規 (這都是他的策略)。他兩罰皆中,湖人隊三分領先。

1:14 Gasol, who hadn’t played his best game, converted a Bryant pass despite heavy traffic, then went to the line on the and-1 to give L.A. a sudden 6-point lead at 97-91. Turkoglu had previously missed a 15-footer to get L.A. the ball back.
1:14 加索雖然先前沒有發揮實力,但接到布蘭特傳球之後,在亂軍之中奮力投籃得分,隨後加罰得一分,讓湖人瞬間取得 6 分領先優勢,97 比 91。稍早,特科格魯 15 英尺跳投失手,湖人搶到籃板球。 

0:56.6 Determined not to give up a three, L.A. conceded a Redick layup that cut the lead to four, and Bryant dribbled the ball off his leg (turnover No. 5) to give Orlando the ball with 40 second left.
0:56.6 湖人不讓對手投三分,讓瑞狄克上籃得分,領先優勢縮小為 4 分,布蘭特運球時球碰到腳,魔術搶到球 (第五次失誤),比賽還剩 40 秒就要結束。

0:28.2 Big turn of events as Lewis’ three rimmed out and Gasol was pushed in the back by Howard, sending him to the line. Gasol again sunk both to put L.A. firmly in charge, up six points.
0:28.2 賽事的轉折點,路易斯三分球涮鍋沒進,加索被霍華德從後方推了一把。加索站上罰球線之後兩罰皆中,湖人 6 分領先,穩穩掌控賽局。

0:26.2 The Magic, however, weren’t done yet, getting a corner three from Lewis to chop the lead in half. That play is exactly the same one Orlando ran against Cleveland (Game 1 I think?), and it’s a tough one to defend since Rashard is 6-10. Alas, it was his sixth three of the game (34 points), and put pressure on the Lakers to make free throws.
0:26.2 然而,魔術還未認輸,路易斯底線三分球入網,領先優勢頓失一半。那次進攻就跟魔術對抗騎士的比賽時一模一樣 (應該是第一戰)。這次進攻很難防守,路易斯 10 投 6 中,這次是他這場比賽的第六顆三分球 (共得 34 分),逼得湖人要去罰球搶分。

0:22.1 With Fisher, Bryant and Gasol hitting all their free throws, L.A. may not have wanted Odom to go to the line, but he, to his credit, nailed both. To be fair, Odom was a much better late shooter than early in games, and the two hits sealed L.A.’s 101-96 victory as Redick and Lewis missed desperation threes.
0:22.1 費雪、布蘭特與加索罰球都命中。湖人或許不想讓歐登也站上罰球線,不過他也兩罰俱中。老實說,歐登在球賽後半段的進攻火力比前半段強很多。瑞狄克與路易斯勉強投三分球搶分未果,歐登的兩分讓湖人保住101 比 96 的戰果。

With that, L.A.’d take a 2-0 lead to Florida.
湖人系列戰 2 比 0 領先,要繼續前往佛羅里達州征戰。

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