撰文者: Wayne 發表日期: March 3, 2009 – 2:28 pm


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Dear members,

By now I‘m sure you know that due to the economy and other factors RIOY has suffered some huge setbacks in its income over the last few months. I have personally seen to it that all payments were sent up until the last few days of October. At that point my personal resources were no longer sufficient to continue sending out $150,000 per month.

This problem has been brought about by MFM and LSO. LHN and MAXeGEN could not be doing better and will not only allow RIOY to survive but to prosper.

Because of these financial reversals it is necessary to stop both MFM and LSO immediately but I am determined that no one will lose a penny of their deposits. Everyone will get at least what they put into RIOY back and those that work with us and participate in LHN and/or MAXeGEN will still become quite well off.

You will be eligible to obtain an Executive VIP type of guaranteed monthly income equal to 80% of your total MFM and LSO deposits and the amount, if any, you are owed for tripling. If you fail to receive that amount after one year we will then start to reimburse you a total of double the amount used to provide that guarantee and you will still have the income that has been achieved through LHN and MAXeGEN. This program will go into effect November 15th for those we have not already talked to and those who do not contact us by then stating they do not wish to participate.

For example. Let’s say you have a one time deposit in the old tripling program of $2500. You would have $7500 coming in tripling in months 10,11, and 12 less $500 for LHN. So you have a $7000 credit from tripling. You also have put $2,000 in the MFM program. $7,000 + $2,000 = $9,000. You may send in an additional $1,000 and become a full fledged Executive marketer or just use your $9,000. 80% x $9,000 = $7200. You would be guaranteed to be making $7200 after 12 months in the programs (LHN and Maxegen) or you would receive double your money back or $18,000.

Those who opt to not participate will receive a refund of their MFM, LSO and tripling payments within the next thirty-six months. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this trying time. In order to be as fair as possible to everyone, unfortunately I will not be able to make exceptions to this plan.

I will not be taking questions on the call tonight so if you wish to speak with me personally please submit a support ticket with your phone number and the best time to call. Please do not call, IM or email me directly because these types of interruptions simply serve to get me to lose track of what I was doing and make me less efficient. I will be answering support tickets as quick as I can. Do keep in mind that it will take some time for me to get through to everyone.

Thank you for your continued support and I still look forward to accomplishing great things together.


Karl Green

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