NBA 籃球英文解說 (2)
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 In a way, the Spurs reached their peak ahead of time, taking advantage of some lucky breaks in the finding and development of their personnel. You can make plans, but you have to have things break right for you.

translation 某些方面看來,馬刺隊提早到達頂峰。他們尋找與發展球員時運氣不錯。我們可以制定計畫,但必須水到渠成才行。

a. peak = (v) reach the highest point or level 達到最高水平
                   (adj) the peak time for electricity consumption 用電的高峰時間
b. ahead of time = ahead of schedule = earlier than planned or arranged 提前
c. take advantage of  = 利用
d. lucky break = big break = a sudden or unexpected change to be successful; piece of luck, esp one that leads to future success
My luck break came when I was spotted singing in a club by a talent scout.

The supporting cast around Tim Duncan and David Robinson played far better than their youth and experience level suggested they would.

translation Tim Duncan 與 David Robinson 身旁的支援部隊表現搶眼,光看他們的年齡與經驗,絲毫不會料想到他們如此優異。

a. cast =  the players in a team 球員
b. suggest = indicate = 顯示

Entering this season, the league is sprinkled with teams that have wrapped up their organizational plans in youth, hoping things break in the right direction.

translation 進入本季之後,聯盟到處可見球隊將以新秀建構組織計畫,希望最終成果能夠如預期所料。

a. league = 聯盟
b. be sprinkle with = sb sprays small pieces of something 灑上;撒上

When we’re talking championships, we’re still pointing to the seasoned Lakers and the veteran-dominated Kings. Dallas has gained enough experience, too, to go from a young team to a championship contender.

translation 一講到冠軍,我們仍然是指老經驗的湖人隊,以及以老球員當家的國王隊。小牛隊也有足夠的經驗,他們已經從年輕球隊蛻變成有能力爭冠的球隊。

a. championships = ( c ) position of being a champion 冠軍地位
b. seasoned = 經驗老到的
c. veteran = 老球員
d. championship contender = 有能力爭冠的球隊

For most teams, building around youth involves suffering and hoping the suffering pays off someday. Well, now there are a handful of teams tired of suffering and ready to let their youth blossom into talented, championship-caliber teams.

translation 對大多數球隊而言,以年輕球員發展球隊必須有所犧牲,必且希望犧牲之後日後能獲得成功。不過,如今有少數球隊已經厭倦作出犧牲,準便讓年輕球員蛻變成才華洋溢、具有冠軍像的球員。

a. build around =  以 … 為基準來發展
b. pay off = if a plan pays off, it is successful 取得成功
c. a handful of = a very small number of = 幾個;少數
d. blossom = 開花結果,此處為譬喻用法 
d. championship-caliber = 有爭冠能力的

The NBA underwent some big-name retirements last year – gone are future Hall of Famers Michael Jordan, John Stockton, Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwon – but we say out with the old; in with the new.

translation NBA 去年有幾位超級巨星退休。Michael Jordan、John Stockton、Robinson 與 Hakeem Olajuwon 這幾位未來名人堂的球員已經高掛球鞋,但我們想說,舊血輪出,新血輪進。

a. big-name retirements = 名號響亮的球員退役
b. Hall of Famer = 名人堂球員


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