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Dear all,

I am looking forward to an exciting grand opening event on Monday in Taipei.  I want you guys to reinforce with your teams and all of our employees attending this event that it is very important to convey the appropriate impression to the public.  The intent of this event is not only to celebrate our new facility opening, it is to position ourselves as a professional and strong force to customers, suppliers, press, analysts, and future employees.  If this event was only for internal purposes we would do it very differently (and cheaper).

Please, please have all of your managers have meetings with all their people that will be at the event and reinforce:

1)     Dress properly – this shows that we are serious and professional and it shows respect for our guests/customers.

2)     Smile – this is a happy event and we want our guests/customers to be welcome and know we are happy to see them.

3)     Participate with enthusiasm (clapping, cheering, whistling, etc) – this shows that we have Passion and Energy.

Thank you for ensuring this happens.




◎ be looking forward to +Ving / n  = 期待
這裡的 “to” 是介係詞,後面要接名詞或動名詞。 

◎ grand opening event = 盛大的開幕儀式

◎ you guys = 很口語的用法,指「你們」。

◎ reinforce with = 表示「再次強調」。

◎ all of our employees attending this event = all of our employees who are attending this event 

◎ convey the appropriate impression to the public = 向大眾傳遞適當的印象。
詞語搭配= convey an impression to

◎ force = 指一群人;集團 (a group of people organized for a specific purpose) 

◎ would = 非事實的假設,此處不可用 “will”。  

◎ clapping = 拍手

◎ cheering = 歡呼

◎ whistling = 吹口哨助興

◎ Thank you for ensuring this happens. = 感謝大家能配合前述事項。


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