英文電子郵件範例解說 (2)
撰文者: Wayne 發表日期: March 5, 2009 – 6:40 am



(英文電子郵件 No.1 )

Welcome Wayne!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to The Berry Tree!  We suggest that you print this page for your records.

The following is your Account Information:

Your Berry Tree ID: ******
Your Password: ######
Your Berry Tree Website us: http://www.MyBerryTree.com/bt****

You have a complete training, support and resource center called The Berry Tree Lounge.  You can get there by clicking on this link: http://theberrylounge.com.

You can access your back-office members section from The Berry Tree Lounge or you can click here to: http://www.MyBerryTree.com/login

Once inside your back-office, please take the time to visit your maintenance tab and click on “update profile.”  Within this area you can change your password and any information that was input incorrectly from your enrollment form.

Thank you and we are very excited to welcome you to The Berry Tree.


1.  It is … for sb to…. (這是常用句型 ) 本句是歡迎我加入 “The Berry Tree” 這間網路公司。

2. We suggest that you print this page for your records.

suggest (建議) 後面句子的動詞要用『原形動詞』,屬於假設用法,我日後針對這點詳加說明。

for one’s records – 作為存證記錄,記得 records 的 “s” 不可漏掉。

3.  The following is. …  = Below is…. = …. is listed below = …. is listed as follows (這是常用句型,一定要牢記 )。這句英文就是說:以下乃是你的帳戶資料。

4. called 為 that is called 的省略。

5. “Click” 的標準用法是『及物動詞』,所以 “on” 可以省略。”Click”  表示用滑鼠按一下連結  // “Press” 是用手直接按壓某樣東西,這兩個字不要弄混。

6. access  – 使用某項資源。詳細用法請見『 英文單字 “Access” 該如何使用? 』。

7. once  – 這裡是『一旦』的意思,不是『一次』 的意思。

8. back-office 指網站後端的管理平台。

9. input – 輸入。

10. enrollment form – 入會表格  // enrol = 登記或註冊。


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