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 視譯是介於筆譯與口譯之間的一種傳譯過程,有心鑽研翻譯的網友,可透過視譯來提升自己對於中英文差異的敏銳度。本篇著重於英文關係代名詞 “which…” 句型的視譯練習。

◎ All countries which wish to seek development in a peaceful international environment must contribute to the establishment of such an environment.

◎ All delegations which wish to speak at the conference tomorrow morning or join the small group discussions tomorrow afternoon should first sign up with the Secretariat.

◎ We need a new world order of peace and justice under which all nations can co-operate with one another and live in harmony.
我們需要 (建立) 新的和平正義的世界秩序,使 (讓) 所有的國家可以相互合作以及和平共存。

◎ The conclusion of the North American Free Trade Treaty will give U.S. exporters unrestricted access to a Mexican market of 86 million people, which may reach 100 million by the year 2000.
(說明) 進行英進中視譯時,記得要多用動詞。
conclusion = formal and final arranging or settling of sth (締結;達成)
** Hostilities ended with the conclusion of a peace treaty. (簽訂和平條約之後,戰事隨之結束。)

◎ APEC environment ministers who will meet this month in Vancouver for the first time will focus their discussions on environmental laws and regulations now in force in countries in the Asia and Pacific region.

◎ It is important that the peace proposal which was put forward last month by the Egyptian president be given a careful study at the meeting.

◎ A series of events which took place in the early 90s started a revolution which forever changed the world order.
90 年代初期發生一連串事件引發了一場革命,進而永久改變了世界秩序。
90 年代初期發生一連串事件,引發了一場革命,進而永久改變了世界秩序。

◎ I want to thank the International Committee and our hosts who have been all along very supportive of our efforts to improve the business environment in this region.

◎ The same factors of severe poverty and underdevelopment, which led to refugee-producing conflicts, also created migratory movements towards the richer countries.
赤貧 (極度貧窮) 與發展落後不僅導致了引發難民潮的衝突,也使人們向比較富有的國家移民。(使用動詞)
赤貧 (極度貧窮) 與發展落後導致了引發難民潮的衝突,還使得人們向比較富有的國家移民。(使用動詞)

◎ There are some positive factors about the country which we sometimes overlook and which should be brought into proper perspective.
(說明) in / out of perspective = in a way that does not exaggerate any aspect / in a way that exaggerates some aspects (不)誇大 / (不)適當

◎ Output increase is not really feasible in this country, which must restructure its entire economy along free-market lines before it can hope to increase output significantly.
產能在這個國家無法增加,必須依照自由市場的原則來改善它的整體經濟,然後 (只有這樣) 這個國家的產能才能大幅提昇。(省略名詞,中文讀者自然會以邏輯補足省略之處)
(說明) 進行英進中視譯時,可在遵循英文語序的情況下,適度調整中文說法。

◎ The debt problem remains an ongoing concern of both debtors and creditors. Debtors are over burdened by a debt service problem which hampers their development and leads to complete and utter poverty.


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