英文翻譯練習:《建築文章》 「西城」購物休閒中心
撰文者: Wayne 發表日期: July 23, 2009 – 10:25 am

Westside Shopping and Leisure Centre
Studio Daniel Libeskind





The Westside project, a new center for Leisure and Shopping in Brünnen, is an urban scale architecture project totaling 1.5 million square feet. In addition to housing, there are 55 shops, 10 restaurants and bars, a conference center, hotel, multiplex cinema, and wellness center included in this mixed-use program that radically reinvents the concept of shopping, entertainment, and living.

translation 「西城」設計案是位於伯爾尼的新型購物休閒中心,這項都市規模的案子總面積為 150 萬平方英尺,除了設置住宅,還規劃 55 間商店、10 間餐廳與酒吧、一處會議中心、一間旅館、一間影城與一處保健中心。這項多功能的設計案完全顛覆購物、娛樂與生活概念。


The development creates an exciting gateway into the city of Bern as it dramatically positions itself over the highway and is integrated into the city with its own highway exit and train stop. The project creates a unique integration of architecture and landscape, and introduces a new and innovative delivery system with a totally integrated traffic and parking configuration on a large, urban scale.

translation 休閒中心是進入伯恩市 (Bern) 的醒目入口,位於高速公路上方,令人印象深刻,本中心也與城市緊密結合,擁有專屬的高速公路出口與火車站。本案以獨到手法整合建築與地貌,將都市規模的大型交通與停車規劃完全整合,營造創意十足的新式遞送系統。



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