彩虹的約定 (A Rainbow of Promises)
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After the flood receded,  God said to Noah. “Come out of the ark. Bring the animals, too, as they must find new homes and raise their young.” So Noah climbed down the gangway and stepped onto the earth. He was so glad that God had saved him and his family from the flood that he built an altar and made an offering to God.
洪水退去之後, 神對挪亞說:「你可以離開方舟,順便將動物帶出來,讓牠們尋找新家園並生育繁殖。」挪亞便從跳板下到地上。他非常感激 神救了他與他的家人,不讓他們遭到洪水滅頂,於是便建了一座祭壇向神獻祭。


Then God blessed Noah and his sons.  God said, “From now until the end of time I promise that the rhythm of nature will continue. There will be a time for sowing seeds and for reaping the harvest, and the hot summer will follow the cold winter as surely as the day follow the night.”
然後, 神便保佑挪亞與其兒子。 神說:「我保證,從今時到末日,自然規律將會持續不斷。稼穡寒暑,冬夏晝夜,循環不息。 」


Then God told Noah and his family, “The whole world belongs to you and your children. Use it wisely and enjoy its resources.”


“I now establish my covenent with your and with your desecendents after you and very living creature,” God added. “I will never again send a flood to destroy the world. I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenent between me and the earth. When I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between me and all living creatures on the earth.”
最後 神說:「我現在要與你、你的後裔,以及全地的活物立約。我絕不再以洪水毀滅大地。我把彩虹放在雲間,作為我與大地立約的標記。只要彩虹在雲間出現,我一看見,便會想起在我與地上活物所立的永恆之約。 」



A covenent, by definition, is a formal agreement in which people promise to do certain things. There are many covenents in the Bible, but God’s covenant with Noah is the first one. The rainbow is the sign of God’s promise never again to destroy all the living creatures on the earth by a flood. The word that the Bible uses for rainbow also means a “warbow”, symblozing God lowering his bow to declare peace.


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