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Hi All,
Good news, I’ve gotten approval for the Cupertino bill. Thus I can finally pay you for your hard work — $100 each. Do we want to do a celebratory dinner (spending less than $100 each, of course!) or would you just like the cash? Up to you, I’m happy either way.


1. do a celebratory dinner – 出去吃晚餐慶祝。很好用的說法,立刻背起來。

2. Up to you – “It’s up to you” 的略寫,「隨你們的意思 / 由你們來決定」。
I’m happy either way. – 兩種決定我都可以,”happy” 不見得一定得翻成「高興」。




You got a B+.  There were a number of focus and omission errors, some shaky usage.  You lost points on jerky delivery and fluency.
Come by for you tape and listen to it before class tomorrow.

1. focus and omission errors – 表達的重點不對以及漏句。

2. shaky usage – 語言的用法不太正確。
shaky 就是表示「不穩固」。
My English is a bit shaky. = I don’t speak English very well. (我的英文不太靈光。) 

3. jerky delivery and fluency = 表達不順與不流暢。

4. Come by for your tape. = 來拿你的錄音帶。很好用的說法,立刻背起來。



Please come by the Student Affairs Office and pick up your commencement announcements.  Even though family and friends may not be able to attend the ceremony, it is always nice to inform them of your accomplishment.  The announcements are free, and you are entitled to 10 or more.

Bridget Luce
Administrative Assistant
Student Affairs

1. come by the Student Affairs Office = 來學生事務辦公室。很好用的說法,立刻背起來。

2. pick up = 拿;取

3. commencement announcements
commencement = 學位頒授典禮
announcement = 通知文宣 

4. inform sb of … = 告知某人某事
(注意) “inform” 後面的介係詞要用 “of”,版主很少看到華人正確使用這個單字,有心的網友請多加留意。

5. announcement = 通知文宣 (c)

6. entitile sb to = give sb a right to do sth or have sth (給予某人做某事或者擁有某事的權利)
被動用法就是 “be entitled to”
You are entitled to 10 or more. = 你可以拿十份或者更多學位頒授典禮文宣。


This ticket does not entitle you to travel first class.

You are not entitled to unemployment benefit if you have never worked.

7. 網友注意到沒?老美的冠詞用法
˜ pick up your commencement announcements. ….. The announcements (指前面提過的文宣) are free….


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