英文電子郵件範例解說 (19)
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本篇英文電子郵範例主題:『網路生意信函』。本文是討論網路創業的信函,內容是實際用於現實生活的英文,用詞非常地道,適合學習模仿。作者雖然是一位到處騙錢的美國老渾蛋 (參見版主的貼文),但是英文還算過得去,版主仍然決定將他的文章納入電子郵件的解說範例。網友研讀內容即可,可不要誤信內容而受騙。



Here’s my new program.  Just a $35 setup fee and $10 each month thereafter will have you receiving $400 checks over and over and receiving a $5 per month residual income from everyone that signs up at your site.

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1. Here’s my new program. = 以下是我要推薦的網路生意。 Here is .. (Here’s…) 的用法要多學習,很簡單但很多台灣人不會用。

2. 關於 “have” 的促使語態,請參見:英文 “have” 與 “got” 的促使語態

3. residual income = 每個月都可領到的收入 (推薦下線的分紅獎金)。

4. sign up = 簽約加入會員。



There is nothing definite from V-Lane as to when they will start repaying their people.  Whenever they do start paying us back they say that they will pay (as I understand it) a total of 21% of the money deposited for the time they have been down.  Because I was suspended during that time I will probably get nothing.

Then they will open a bank account for some part of the money on deposit (don’t know how much) and pay 4% per month on that amount.  We can withdraw on a quarterly basis.

That would mean that even if they give us credit for 100% of the money on deposit we will be able to send about $36 per quarter per member and pay everyone back over a period of about 19 years.

Hopefully, they will do something starting in August but I no longer trust their word.  I have promised others that if they don’t do something in August I will provide you with what little information I have on them so you can pursue a lawsuit if you desire.

We may have a conference call in September to discuss this possibility.




1. as to = about / regarding / concerning 。關於… 的意思。

2. suspend = 被暫停會員資格 (to officially prevent sb from doing their job, going to school, etc. for a time )。

The police officer was suspended while the complaint was investigated.

She was suspended from school for a week.

3. withdraw = 提領銀行帳戶的款項。

4. on a quarterly basis = 每一季。
網友要注意 “on a … basis” 的用法

5. would = 這裡應該解釋成 “假設” 的語法。

6. credit = 借錢償還的信譽或信用 (the status of being trusted to pay back money to sb who lends it to you) 。

Her credit isn’t good anywhere now.

7. over = 在某個期間。

8. no longer trust their word = don’t trust their word any longer (不再相信他們說的話) 。

9. pursue a lawsuit = 提起訴訟。

10. conference call = 電話會議。

11. discuss this possibility = 討論是否要提起訴訟 (字面翻譯是 : 討論提起訴訟的可能性) 。


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