巴別塔 (The Tower of Babel)
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Pyramid-shaped tower with steps for people to access the temple at the top


At first, Noah’s decendants roamed from place to place in the east. They had only one language and a common speech. But many years later, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there.


The people held a meeting and decided to build themselves a large city to live in. They would use bricks of mud and straw baked hard in the fiercely hot sun, and they woud use tar as mortar to stick them together. The city would have a spectacular tower that would reach to the heavens.


So the people eagerly set to build their new city. “We will have a home and no longer have to keep on wandering through the earth. Also, we can make a name for ourselves, ” they told each other, proudly.


Unfortunately, their pride was to be their downfall. When God came down to see the city and the tower the people were building, he was not pleased.
不幸的是,人的驕傲便是他們的敗落。當  神降臨查看世人建造的城市與高塔後,祂感到非常不悅。


God said, “If I let them continue, they will soon want to control everything on the earth. But I will stop them by confusing their language so that they cannot understand each other. Then they will not be able to carry out their plan.”


Soon all that could be heard was a confused babble of voices. Building work was forced to come to a halt, because one one could understand what his neighbour was trying to say. Finally,  God scattered people from the city over all the earth.  


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  2. It’s nice to have you here, buddy. I created this blog mainly for my own studying purposes, so I welcome any comments, even contributions, from you. Have a good one and God bless.

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