英文電子郵件範例解說 (20)
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You are receiving this email because you currently, or in the past, have had access to Glex’s Tracking System.  If you currently are not using this system, please disregard this notice.

Glex is migrating our product development issue tracking from the Tracking System to a new browser based system called Thunder Impact.  The migration to the new system will occur in several stages between Q2 2010 and Q4 2010. Your Glex contacts will advise you when it is appropriate for your group to begin using Thunder Impact rather than the existing system. 

Soon you will be receiving an automated email from contact@glex.com confirming your access to the new system.  You do not need to take any action at this time.  You may wish to bookmark Thunder Impact in your browser  for future use

As with our current issue tracking system, non-HP users will still require a APCA certificate on their systems to gain access.  There is no need to obtain a new APCA certificate for this migration.


◎ You are receiving… = 告訴收信者為何他會收到這封信。使用現在進行式是比較不正式的用法。

◎ access to = 神奇的 “access” 又來了,詳細內容請參照『 英文單字 “Access” 該如何使用?』。

◎ You are not using… = 表示目前的狀況,並非指當下的事情,詳細內容請參照『英文「現在進行式」的使用時機 (1)』。

◎ disregard this notice = 請忽略這封通知信函。

◎ is migrating … = 表示即將發生的事情,並非指當下的事情,詳細內容請參照『英文「現在進行式」的使用時機 (1)』。

◎ browser based = 介面是瀏覽器的系統 (使用瀏覽器去使用的系統)。

◎ The migration… = 前一段使用 “Glex is migrating our product development issue…”,所以現在用 “the migration” 來指同一件事情 。

◎ contact = 連繫之人。

◎ rather than = instead of ..  = 不用… 而用…。

◎ … will be receiving… = 你將會收到 (使用未來進行式可以緩和語氣)。

◎ automated email = 系統自動發送的信件。

◎ You do not need to take any action at this time. = 你目前無須採取任何行動。

◎ bookmark = 加入成為瀏覽器書籤。

◎ for future use = 「供日後之用」,這句話很實際,網友可模仿使用。

◎ There is no need to … for …  = 無需…。


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