英文電子郵件範例解說 (23)
撰文者: Wayne 發表日期: December 8, 2009 – 10:03 am

本篇英文電子郵範例主題:『公司內部會議通知 / 邀請對方參加展示會』。內文為是通知員工參與公司會議,以及邀請客戶參與展示會,包含許多時間與地點的寫法,非常實用,有興趣的網友可多加學習模仿。

♣ 第一篇 ♣ (企業全球線上語音廣播會議通知)

Please join Jason on Monday, May 4, 2009 for the Zexing Quarterly Commentary global audio webcast. Jason will share first quarter results and discuss key business updates. Employees can submit questions prior to the call via email that Jason will answer during his update.

Questions for Jason should be emailed no later than ten hours prior to the call and submitted to: jason@zexing.com.tw.

Event: Zexing Quarterly Commentary

Host: Jason Chen, CEO

Date : Monday, May 4th, 2009

Time: 4:30 pm

Agenda: Zexing Q1 results, business update, and employee Q&A

Employees can listen to this webcast through the company’s intranet only and are strongly encouraged to listen in groups. A replay will be available on the intranet for those employees that are unable to access the webcast at the scheduled time. Please remember that this event is company confidential. Outside parties are strictly prohibited.



◎ 本篇用了許多常見的介系詞,請網友多留心其使用方法。不難,用過一兩次就會。
prior to = before sth happens
via = by = through (藉由 /藉著 / 通過)

◎ no later than … = 不晚於

◎ replay = 重播

◎ access = 神奇的單字又來了,相關的英文解說細解請參考:『英文單字 “Access” 該如何使用?』。

◎ at the scheduled time = 在預定的時間 (很實用的用法,版主不知道為何很多人連這種英文都寫不好!)
注意:schedule 要用被動語態 (scheduled) 來修飾 ‘time’ (被預訂的時間)。
很多人會寫成 “at the schedule time / at schedule time / in schedule time ” 這些都是錯誤的。

◎ Please remeber that this event is company confidential. Outside parties are strictly prohibitied.
表示這次會議是公司機密,不允許外人 / 第三者 (outside parties) 參與

This newsletter is for employees only. Dissemination is strictly prohibited.


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