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ING Hungarian Headoffices

ING 匈牙利總部


The new ING Hungarian headoffices are situated at a prominent location in the city of Budapest. The ambitious philosophy of the client, ING Real Estate Hungary Development (part of the Dutch ING Group), is to offer additional value by creating distinctive yet functional architecture. The brief was to design a high quality office building, with an internal layout and specification that conforms to commercial market standards.

translation 新 ING 匈牙利總部位於布達佩斯顯著之處。雄心勃勃的業主隸屬於「荷蘭 ING 集團」的「 ING 匈牙利房地產開發公司 」,他們想要一座獨特卻實用的建築,藉此提供附加價值。設計摘要就是要設計一棟高品質辦公大樓,其室內佈局和格局皆能符合商業市場的標準。

ING Head offices, Budapest

Located on the Dózsa György Street along from the Heros’ square and facing the Városliget City Park, the concept of the total 40,000 m2  development including 25,000 m2 office space, derives from its urban context. The overall mass is expressed as three volumes, linked by fully glazed atrium spaces and connected by glossy stainless steel lines. It creates a 21st century transition between the orthogonal volume of the adjacent modernist building of the 1950’s and the late 19th century period eclectic style villas that are typical of the area. The facade, in succession to the adjacent modernist building, is free from the traditional placement of openings. Composition, detailing and treatment of materials, as well as the craftmanship quality, are truly contemporary yet recall the richness and complexity of the historic facade detailing evident in the city.

translation 布達佩斯的 ING 總部

這棟大樓總面積 40,000 平方公尺,其中包含 25,000 平方公尺的辦公空間,它位於英雄廣場旁的 Dózsa György 大街,面對 Városliget 市立公園,其設計概念源自於周遭都市環境。整體大樓由三個部分組成,透過全以玻璃覆蓋的中庭以及光亮的不鏽鋼條相互連接。本大樓在鄰接的 1950 年代現代主義方正建築以及該區常見的 19 世紀後期綜合式別墅建築之間,展現出 21 世紀的變遷。即使緊鄰現代主義大樓,本大樓正面的窗口設計卻有別於傳統,舉凡整體構成、細部設計、材質處理與工藝品質,在在皆顯露現代風味,然而卻又令人想起市內歷史性建築隨處可見的豐富華麗與錯綜複雜。

Undulating slightly, the facades become an instrument of light, giving an always-changing composition of visual effects: contrasts of brightness, reflection and transparency. The dynamics of the exterior find their continuation when entering the building through one of the atria. Connecting all office floors, this communal space with slightly inclined, semi-transparent surfaces is surprisingly bright, yet without being overwhelming. The use of glass and steel drapery creates a layered effect, arousing a feel of intimacy and solace. The detailing again seeks relation to the traditional architecture. In contrast to this emotional space, the overall office layout reveals a strict functional arrangement with underground parking on three floors, public functions on the ground floor, six office floors and an executive meeting area on the 7th floor. Following a rigid architectural and mechanical grid, cellular offices can be created along the main façade or in the middle of the back wing. The rationality of the floor plans is softened by the variety of windows, as well as the visual connection of the office floors to the atria. Through this spatial set-up the building successfully marries the commercial demands of the client with the architectonical historic context of Budapest and contributes to a sensitive metamorphosis of the contemporary city.

translation 大樓外觀輕微起伏,化身為光之舞台,展現變化萬千的視覺效果:明亮對比、光線反射與透明效果。從任何中庭步入大樓之後,仍然可感受外觀的動感效果。中庭屬於公共空間,連接所有辦公樓層,外觀半透明且稍微傾斜,異常明亮卻毫不刺眼。玻璃和鋼條裝飾營造出層次效果,令人倍感親切和慰藉,此種細部設計正是追尋傳統的建築風格。整體的辦公室有別於中庭的感性空間,乃是透過嚴謹實用的方式規劃。地下停車場有三層,公共設施位於一樓,辦公室有六層樓,主管會議區則設於七樓。依循堅固的建築與機械鋼骨,可沿著大樓主要正面或者在後翼中央隔出巢狀辦公室。然而,變化多端的窗戶設計,加上辦公樓層與中庭間的視覺連接,讓樓層規劃顯得柔和許多。透過此種空間設計,本大樓順利將業主的商業需求與布達佩斯歷史性的建築風貌合為一體,替這個當代城市敏銳的蛻變過程貢獻一份心力。


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