英文電子郵件範例解說 (24)
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本篇英文電子郵範例主題:『校友聚會通知 / 邀請參加校友會』。內文為是通知畢業校友參與聚會,有許多關於時間與地點的寫法,非常實用,有興趣的網友可多加學習模仿。


Event Description – Taipei Alumni Reception
Attention all Taipei area alumni

Please Join host Kay Johnson, NUU Enrollment Manager, for an informal happy hour with alumni in the Taipei area. Kay looks forward to providing updates on the many exciting activities taking place on campus. Light appetizers will be provided.

For those alumni outside of the Taipei area, we hope that business or personal travel may find you nearby, and able to attend.

Location is still to be determined, and information will be sent to alumni in this region soon.

Please respond if you will attend by: Friday, November 13, 2009 by registering above.
Contact Information
Primary Contact

Wayne Wu


Date: November 19, 2009
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: TBD
Coming soon!



◎ 電子郵件標題 (Event Description – Taipei Alumni Reception)。


◎ NUU Enrollment Manager = 同位格,指逗點前面的那個人 (Kay Johnson)。


◎ look forward to = 期待
‘to’ 為介系詞,所以後面要接「動名詞」與「名詞」。


◎ Light appetizers will be provided.
類似的寫法包括:Drinks and Foods will be provided.


◎ We hope that business or personal travel may find you nearby, and able to attend.

* find 在此是一種其特的用法,跟中文的思維有些不同,愈到這種句子只能夠意會並背誦。

find = to discover sb/sth/yourself doing sth or in a particular situation, especially when this is unexpected 發現,發覺 (處於某狀態、在做某事)

I was dissapointed to find you out when I called.
= I was dissapointed to find that you were out when I called.
(我打電話時,發現你不在,十分失望。) – 《牛津高階英漢雙解詞典》例句

We came home and found her asleep on the sofa.
(我們回到家,看見她在沙發上睡著了。) – 《牛津高階英漢雙解詞典》例句

* see 也有類似怪異的用法:
see = be a time when an event happens; witness 為某件事發生之時;目睹
This year sees the tercentenary of Handel’s birth.
(今年是韓德爾誕辰三百週年。) – 《牛津高階英漢雙解詞典》例句

see = be the scene or setting of sth 為某件事的現場或者背景
This stadium has seen many thrilling football matches.
(這個體育場舉辦過很多精采的足球賽事。) – 《牛津高階英漢雙解詞典》例句



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