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1. In a few minutes the Scretary of State will give us a report on the latest developments in the Middle East and his efforts for an international peace conference.

待會國務卿會向我們作一個報告,談一談 (講一講) 中東最新的發展情勢以及他對國際和平會議所作的努力。

2. The faculty assembly supports a gradual reduction of the administrative costs of the school.

教職員會議支持逐步削減學校的行政支出 (費用)。

3. On behalf of my delegation, I would like to congradulate you on your election to the presidency of the conference.


4. I hope this incident will not pose any obstacle to their membership in the organization.


5. They reaffirmed their countries’s commitment to the conclusion as soon as possible of an international treaty to achieve a comprehensive ban on nuclear test explosions.

他們重申將會遵守他們國家的承諾,儘快締結國際條約,以促成全面禁止核子武器試爆 (試驗)。


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