如何用英文唸電話號碼 ?
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電話號碼 (Numbers in Telephone)



電話號碼一般為三位數的區域號碼 + 七位數的電話號碼 (Telephone numbers consist of a three-digit area code followed by a seven-digit number)。例如: (202)234-5678

( ) 括號的英文是 parenthesis 而連接號 ( – ) 的英文是 hyphen。

1. 區域號碼 與 前三位數字按照數字的發音說出 ( Both the area code and the prefix are spoken as a series of separate numbers, with 0 being pronounced as “0” or “zero”)。
2. 後四位數字可按 a.數字的發音說出; b. 兩個兩位數字說出 (The last four digits may be spoken either as separate numbers or as two sets of tens)。

例如:(202)234-5678 的唸法:
(two, o, two) two, three, four – five, six, seven, eight 或者 (two, o, two) two, three, four – fifty six, seventy-eight

最後四位數字若是00或 000,通常說成「百」或「千」
(If the last four digits end in 00 or 000, they are usually treated as hundreds or thousands.)
234-5600 的唸法:
two, three, four – five, six hundred

234-5000 的唸法:
two, three, four – five thousand


美國的電話機上,每個數字可分代表某些字母。為了方便民眾記住號碼,有些公司會申請跟它宣傳口號相對應的號碼,有點像台灣廣告的電話諧音 (2882- 5252 //我餓我餓 )。

(例如) #Sprint 廣告
To sign up just call 1-800-PIN-DROP.


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