Help! My Boss is a Total Jerk
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I came across a friend of mine on the street the other day. We’d not met for a long time, but the first thing she said when she saw me was, “Hi Wayne, nice to see you again. I quit my job because my boss is a jerk!”

Sounds familiar. All the bosses I’ve ever had are jerks, to some extent. One of the reasons we quit a job is to get away from someone’s control. We shouted in our minds when telling our boss that we quit:

No longer will I have to put up with this unappreciative, irrational control freak who treats me like crap, simply to get a lousy salary.

Most people quit their jobs when they find it difficult to deal with a boss who is insufferable, hoping that the next one will give them a nicer person as their boss. This solution (I should have referred to it as an ‘option’), while popular, is unlikely to allow them to land a job with positive results. Chances are the new boss might end up being worse than the one they just dumped. They might find the new boss acts like the smelly opening of a bootay.  Oh, shit! Here we go again, getting stucked in the same crappy situation we were trying to get out of in our last job.

We have a boss as long as we’re employed. At one time or another, we have had a boss that makes us wonder how he or she ever got into that position after witnessing all the stupid decisions or mistakes he or she made. All too often our bosses confuse activity with productivity, loading us down with meaningless activities and crap that literally destroys our productivity.

My boss is an arrogant middle manager. He thinks one of my colleagues (who has been working for him for over 7 years) is a moron and keeps treating him like crap.  When I started my job the first day, I wondered why this guy could take that laundry list of shit from my boss and swallow it without uttering a complaint. Such is life. Maybe someone simply have the capabilities to live without any dignity, just as the Chinese saying goes, “bend one’s waist 90 degrees to put the bread on the table.” Well, I don’t belong to that category.  When my boss said something derogatory to me in a sarcastic tone for the first time, I stood up against him saying, “I won’t take this crap anymore. You’d better stop doing it.” (What I actually said in my mind was: take back this shit and shove it right up your ass!)

Dealing with an unpleasant boss is no easy task. This is definitely one of the most persistent causes of job-related stress for the majority of employees. When you don’t get along well with your boss, your days in the office feel eternal.

All bosses are jerks… one day you’ll be a jerk too!

Most of people end up getting promoted to a job for which they are not qualified, hence becoming “jerks” in the eyes of those they have to supervise. I notice that most bosses got promoted because they keep their jobs longer than their subordinates. They got promotions simply because of seniority, instead of, say, capabilites or contirbutions. In Chinese society, this seniority rule is still firmly kept and protected for the well-beings of senior members, which is why smart bosses have become a rarity these days. Most of the time we can hear people crib and bitch about their bosses. It makes us wonder what happened to the good old boss who commanded respect and loyalty of his subordinates.

As an employee, hunting for a new job is the last thing I’ll do when I have a nasty boss given that the econmy is in a minor recession and the newspapers are full of stories of layoffs. It’ll be a good way of improving the realtionship with your boss to consider all the words he or she says in a more positive way. “All he says is crap. But he’s the boss. I’ll take it and get things done as he expects me to do.”

I know sometimes it’s hard to do it this way. Some boss is a professional jerk. There’s nothing you can do about it. Only two choices are left for you to choose from: take it or leave it!

In my last job, my boss was a particular stinker. It was difficult not to get sucked into the ‘dark hole’ around the office. We all called him “Boss-hole” in private. My Boss-hole started running the company after marrying a woman whose father owns it. While he seemed nice and shiny on the outside and could even be fun to hang around at times, this guy could slit your throat with a smile on his face and tell you that he was sorry as he watched your blood drain to the floor.

He fired people here and there, no more than three at a time. What’s more, he relocated the company to an area not well supported by the mass transit system as a way of causing more employess to unwillingly quit because of traffic issues. You know, his preferred method was to have others (HR personnel, to be more specific) slit your throat for him so he could protect his ‘nice guy’ facade.

He finally turned things around and put the company in the black again by reducing expenses through layoffs. What a wise way of saving the company, and it was so simple that even a three-year-old could do it. Congratulations! Boss-hole. My hat off to you.

All in all, bosses, whether they be jerks or not, still have the power to hire and fire. You’d better to restrain your anger when unexpected confrontations with your jerky boss occur. The truth is: bosses are more likely to keep employees who treat them with respect; those who don’t will get their bottoms spanked the next time the devil summons them to cut throats under the name of saving the company.


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