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♣ (版主執筆翻譯英文) ♣

House Twisted



(Macromanipulation) A linear volume that accentuates the length of the site was conceived to add a sense of velocity to the activities. To avoid an existing house, the linear volume was bended twice to create a courtyard and a front yard, the central volume had a direction along with the north-south axis to provide the natural light from the bending points where the roofs were slanted up to create cracks, and introduce a sense of flow inside.

translation (宏觀操控) 我們規劃強調場址長度線形結構,替住戶活動加添速度感。為了避開一棟現有房舍,這個線形結構拐彎兩次,構成一處中庭與一處前院。中央結構沿南北縱軸搭建,由轉彎處提供自然光線。轉彎處的屋頂向上斜翹形成縫隙,於室內營造流動感。


(Micromanipulation) Three openings, the entrance, the sub entrance and the opening into the courtyard, that penetrate the bent walls as an interface forward the inside, fixed furniture, and the kitchen booth, all have a same height of 2,000mm and are colored in white. The finish of the floor goes from wood to concrete to suit necessary functions.

translation (微觀操控) 主要入口、次要入口與中庭通道這三處開口穿透拐彎的牆壁,構成進入室內的介面。這些開口、固定傢俱與廚房隔間高度皆為 2,000 公釐,全部漆成白色。依照必要的功能,樓板採用木材或水泥覆面。


We adopted the system that the volume is supported by many but small columns and beams which are 125-H being 2m apart like birdcage in order to make less the thickness of walls and roofs and make close the scale of Macromanipulation to Micromanipulation. It is reinforced by the slanted beams so that total structure performs like 3-dimensional truss system, and then the load on the roof is transformed to the basin firmly though it is an irregular form.

translation 我們採用的系統讓屋舍透過許多細窄樑柱支撐,樑柱高 125 公釐,彼此如同鳥籠一般間隔 2 公尺架設,以便減少牆壁與屋頂厚度,同時拉近宏觀操控與微觀操控的規模。傾斜樑柱更加強化屋舍,整體結構猶如三維桁架系統。雖然建物是不規則的,屋頂載重卻能穩穩傳導至地基。


As the result of the overlapping of two manipulations, the inner volume is filled with white folds of light and shadow which give deepness and graduation inside, which are gentle yet accentuating the activities, which gave you the perception of the space composition that is to some extent understandable and to some extent beyond your perception. And this house becomes not a familiar space but a 3-dimensional space where you feel as if you were in somewhere in contemporary urban city, beyond the arbitrariness of an architect.

Location: Osaka, Japan
Architect: Kentaro Takeguchi + Asako Yamamoto

translation 上述兩種操控方式互為重疊,使得室內充滿雪白的光影摺痕,營造深遂感與漸層效果,雖顯溫柔卻強調動感,讓空間組成撲朔迷離,時而讓人探知明瞭,時而超越感官極限。如此,這間屋舍變成不那麼熟悉的場所,反倒搖身一變,化為三維空間,讓人彷彿置身於現代都市的某個角落,絲毫不受建築師主觀意志所綑綁。

建築師:竹口健太郎 + 山本麻子



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