英文輔助動詞 “Could” 該如何解釋?
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 “Could” 這個英文輔助動詞常出現於英文文章,常令人摸不著頭緒,版主在此稍加說明,順道溫故知新。本文僅解釋「可能性 / 選擇性」這兩方面的意思:

1. 理論與一般的可能性 (theoretical and general possibility)

a. 現在
It could be quite frightening if you were alone in our big old house.
(如果你單獨待在我們的老屋子,可能會感到毛骨悚然。) — 假設句 

b. 過去
It was a place where anything could happen.

2 選擇與機會 (choices and opportunities)

“could” 用來表示「非常委婉的建議」。

“What shall we do tomorrow afternoon?” “Well, we could go bowling.”
(明天下午要做什麼?// 我們可以去打保齡球。)

When you’re in Taipei, you could go and see Alex.
(去台北之後,你可以去找艾瑞克斯。 )

3. 未來的可能 (future possibility)
比輔助動詞 “may” 的可能性還低 

It could rain later this evening. (less definite possibility)
晚上可能下雨 (說話者其實覺得可能性不高)。

War could break out any day. (less definite possibility)
戰事隨時可能爆發 (說話者其實覺得可能性不高)。

With our marketing system, you could be earning $3,000 per month.
有了我們的行銷系統,你每個月將可以賺 3,000 美元 (說說而已,老子可不敢打包票)。

4. 報導句 (reported speech)

“Anybody can join the club.” (任何人都可加入俱樂部。)
“What?” (你說什麼?)
“I said anybody could join the club.” (我剛剛說,任何人都可加入俱樂部。)


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