英文片語 “Sound like a broken record” 是什麼意思?
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在電影 “Stranger than Fiction” 《口白人生》之中,男主角 Harold (哈洛) 無意中發現自己能夠聽到「關於自己」的旁白,那股聲音如同上帝一樣不斷預示他眼下與未來的生活。

當他發現旁白預告他即將死亡 (Voice in Harold’s head: Thus Harold’s watch thrust him into the immitigable path of fate. Little did he know that this simple, seemingly innocuous act would result in his imminent death.),他趕忙去找心理醫生,試圖找出問題的癥結。電影對話節錄如下:


Doctor: I’m afraid what you’re describing is schizophrenia. (那恐怕是精神分裂症)

Harold: No. No. It’s not schizophrenia. It’s just a voice in my head. I mean, the voice isn’t telling me to do anything. It’s telling me what I’ve already done.  Accurately and with a better vocabulary.

Doctor: Mr. Crick, you have a voice speaking to you.

Harold: No, not to me, about me. I’m somehow involved in some sort of story.  Like I’m a character in my own life. But the problem is that the voice comes and goes.  Like there are other parts of the story not being told to me… and I need to find out what those other parts are before it’s too late.

Doctor: Before the story concludes with your death.

Harold: Yes.

Doctor: Mr. Crick, I hate to sound like a broken record…but that’s schizophrenia. (我很不想再重複一次,不過這就是精神分裂症)

Harold: You don’t sound like a broken record, but it’s just not schizophrenia. What if what I said was true? Hypothetically speaking, if I was part of a story, a narrative… even if it was only in my mind…what would you suggest that I do?

Doctor: I would suggest you take prescribed medication. 

Harold: Other than that. 

Doctor: I don’t know. I suppose I would send you to see someone who knows about literature.



♣  這是有趣的英文說法,版主參考 ‘Common American Phrases in Everyday Contexts’ (second edition) by Richard A. Spears, Ph.D. 得到下面的解釋:

Sound like a broken record = to say the same thing over and over (From an earlier age when a crack in a 78 rpm record would cause the needle, or stylus, to stay in the same groove and play it over and over. )
重複說某件事情 (像壞掉的唱片一樣,不斷重複撥放同一軌的聲音。)

He’s always acomplaing about the way she treats him. He sounds like a broken record!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we just don’t have enough people on the payroll to work efficiently.


♣  Urban Dictionary 也有類似的解釋:

One who continually repeats the same statement with little variation, if any. (重複說某件事情)

Derives directly from the (slightly inaccurate) term involving polyvinyl record albums, where such a “broken” record would repeatedly skip back a moment in what being played. (The term was inaccurate – usually such skippage was caused by debris on the disc.)

Hey, Bob is being a broken record about the salad bar. Somebody wanna hit him?
(嘿,Bob 一直在抱怨沙拉吧很爛。有沒有人想扁他?)



綜觀上面的用法,(I hate to) sound like a broken record 通常都是講不好的事情上,網友使用時請注意,不要誤用。



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