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The Song of Everlasting Sorrow
Bai Juyi

漢皇重色思傾國, 御宇多年求不得。
The Emperor of China was obsessed with love, craving for a woman of peerless beauty.
Having been on the throne for many years,  the Emperor, however, failed to find such a beauty.

楊家有女初長成, 養在深閨人未識。
A little girl of the Yang family had just grown up.
Living in an inner chamber, this lady was hardly known to the public.

天生麗質難自棄, 一朝選在君王側;
With her lovely form and features granted by heaven and impossible to be concealed,
She was one day chosen for the imperial household.

回眸一笑百媚生, 六宮粉黛無顏色。
When she turned and smiled, the beauty cast her spell with enchanting gestures,
Overshadowing all other beautiful concubines in the royal court.

春寒賜浴華清池, 溫泉水滑洗凝脂;
During a chilly spring time, the Emperor gave edict granting her to have a bath in Flower Pure Pool,
Where warm, creamy-tinted spring water washed her delicate skin.

侍兒扶起嬌無力, 始是新承恩澤時。
While the maids were trying to support her out of the pool, her figure showed languor and weariness.
That was the time when she had just won the Emperor’s favor.

雲鬢花顏金步搖, 芙蓉帳暖度春宵;
The favored concubine had cloudy hair, flowery features, and gold hairpins swinging with every movement she made.
She spent wonderful nights with the Emperor within the cosy canopy with hibiscus motifs.

春宵苦短日高起, 從此君王不早朝。
Every admirable night was too short, so they didn’t get up till the sun was shining high in the sky.
The Emperor, from that time forth, forsook his morning audience.

承歡侍宴無閑暇, 春從春遊夜專夜。
The concubine lavished all her time on seeking the Emperor’s pleasure and serving him at feasts.
She would accompany the Emperor to spring outings and sleep with him night after night.

後宮佳麗三千人, 三千寵愛在一身。
There were three thousand charming concubines in the royal court.
But all the Emperor’s favors to these three thousand were conferred on her only.

金屋妝成嬌侍夜, 玉樓宴罷醉和春。
She would refine her appearance and dress up in Golden Chamber before serving the Emperor for the night.
When she retreated from revels held in Jade Tower, she would be slightly drunk, projecting an air of the spring.

姊妹弟兄皆列士, 可憐光彩生門戶。
The concubine’s sisters and brothers were all given titles,
Which glorified and honored her family.

遂令天下父母心, 不重生男重生女。
This dissipated an ancient prejudice held by every family throughout the empire.
Parents desired to have girls rather than boys.

驪宮高處入青雲, 仙樂風飄處處聞。
Li Palace soared high up into the blue clouds.
Far and wide, the breeze carried the melodious notes floating out of the palace.

緩歌慢舞凝絲竹, 盡日君王看不足。
Mellow melodies and soft dances mingled with the tunes played on silk and bamboo instruments.
The Emperor indulged in these enchanting feasts day after day, but he could never see enough of them.

漁陽鼙鼓動地來, 驚破霓裳羽衣曲。
Disaster overtook the empire when war drums, booming from Yuyang, shocked the whole earth,
Completely ruining the melody titled Rainbow Skirt and Feathered Coat.

九重城闕煙塵生, 千乘萬騎西南行。
Smoke was rising from the imperial palace looming in the dust,
While tens of thousands of fleeing horses and carriages were heading southwest.

翠華搖搖行復止, 西出都門百餘里。
The sumptuously decorated imperial carriage wobbled along the way, now moving and now pausing,
Till it was brought to a halt somewhere over one hundred miles from the western gate of the capital.

六軍不發無奈何? 宛轉蛾眉馬前死。
The imperial guards refused to continue the journey, leaving the Emperor no choice
But to give an edict to have his beloved concubine hanged, who wrinkled her eyebrows and died in front of the horse-driven imperial carriage.

花鈿委地無人收, 翠翹金雀玉搔頭。
Her decorated hairpins fell to the ground, but no one picked them up.
Hair decorations, Curved Jade and Gold Siskin, and jade hairpins were all scattered about.

君王掩面救不得, 回看血淚相和流。
While she was dying, the Emperor could do nothing but cover his face.
Later, when he turned around to take a look, blood and tears started rolling down his cheeks.

黃埃散漫風蕭索, 雲棧縈紆登劍閣。
Yellow dust billowed in the air while the cold wind was hissing.
Along the narrow paths planked over cliffs, the fleeing royalty meandered their way to Dagger Tower.

峨嵋山下少人行, 旌旗無光日色薄。
Very few people were spotted passing the foot of Emei Mountain.
Flags and banners lost their glories against the declining sun.

蜀江水碧蜀山青, 聖主朝朝暮暮情。
Although the rivers of Shu were blue and the mountains green,
The Emperor was still possessed by the memory of  his lost love, either day or night.

行宮見月傷心色, 夜雨聞鈴腸斷聲。
While dwelling in the temporary palace, he felt inexpressibly sad at the sight of the moon.
Also, he felt profound anguish whenever he heard the sound of jingling bells amid a night rain.

天旋地轉迴龍馭, 到此躊躇不能去。
After the uprising was subdued and peace restored, the Emperor embarked on the journey back home.
But, upon reaching the heart-breaking place, the Emperor lingered, totally unwilling to leave.

馬嵬坡下泥土中, 不見玉顏空死處。
From the soil along the Mawei slope,
There was not a sight of his charming concubine, but the grave where her remains rested.

君臣相顧盡霑衣, 東望都門信馬歸。
The Emperor and his officials looked at one another, dissolving in tears that wet their robes.
Facing eastward toward the gate of the palace, they went on horseback travelling back home in a leisurely way.

歸來池苑皆依舊, 太液芙蓉未央柳。
When they returned, they found the pools and the gardens were all just as before.
And the hibiscus in Lake Taiye and willows in Weiyang Palace also remained unchanged.

芙蓉如面柳如眉, 對此如何不淚垂?
The hibiscus flowers served as a reminder of the concubine’s face and the willow leaves her eyebrows.
What could the Emperor do but weep when he looked at them?

春風桃李花開日, 秋雨梧桐葉落時。
The sight of peach trees and plum trees blossoming in the spring wind
And deciduous Chinese parasol trees losing their leaves amid autumn rain
Stirred the emotions of the Emperor’s lost lover.

西宮南內多秋草, 落葉滿階紅不掃。
West Palace and South Palace were covered with autum grass,
And the steps were blanketed with red leaves, which no one swept away.

梨園子弟白髮新, 椒房阿監青娥老。
Ensemble musicians’ hair had been frosted not long earlier.
Eunuchs and waiting maids who used to serve in the concubine’s palace were greatly aged.

夕殿螢飛思悄然, 孤燈挑盡未成眠。
Over the throne flew fire-flies while the Emperor brooded in the twilight.
He still could not fall asleep even though the lonely lamp near by had run out of oil.

遲遲鐘鼓初長夜, 耿耿星河欲曙天。
Bells tolled and drums rolled before the dragging night hours.
And the River of Stars grew sharp in the sky, just before dawn.

鴛鴦瓦冷霜華重, 翡翠衾寒誰與共?
The mandarin-duck roof titles were covered with a thick blanket of frost in the cold.
And the Emperor’s sumptuous quilt could not keep him warm, for there was no one he could sleep with.

悠悠生死別經年, 魂魄不曾來入夢。
The separation between life and death had kept them apart almost for one year,
Yet no beloved spirit ever visited the Emperor’s dreams.

臨邛道士鴻都客, 能以精誠致魂魄。
A Taoist priest from Lingqiong visited the capital,
Who was able to summon spirits through his concentrated mind.

為感君王輾轉思, 遂教方士殷勤覓。
The priest was so moved by the Emperor’s lasting attachment for his lost concubine
That he besought other sorcerers to spare no efforts to help find her.

排空馭氣奔如電, 升天入地求之遍;
He mounted the clouds and rode the mist, flying as fast as lightning,
And searching everywhere, up to heaven and down to earth.

上窮碧落下黃泉, 兩處茫茫皆不見。
High up, the priest searched heaven, or Green Void; down below, he looked carefully under the earth, or Yellow Spring.
But, in either place, he searched in vain for the concubine.

忽聞海上有仙山, 山在虛無縹緲間;
Later, he heard accounts of an enchanted isle at sea,
Which was shrouded in clouds and mist, with an air of mystery.

樓閣玲瓏五雲起, 其中綽約多仙子。
On the isle, there existed exquisite pavilions and fine towers among five-colored coulds,
Where many divine beauties with shapely figures dwelled.

中有一人字太真, 雪膚花貌參差是。
One of them was by the name of The Ever True, who had skin white as snow and appearance as beautiful as flowers.
She was more than likely the one the priest was looking for

金闕西廂叩玉扃, 轉教小玉報雙成。
So he went to the west chamber of the golden pavilion and knocked at its jasper door.
He then asked the girl called Cute Jade, who answered the door, to send word to the divine beauty living inside.

聞道漢家天子使, 九華帳裡夢魂驚。
Upon hearing that a envoy from the Emperor of China was waiting outside,
The beauty was startled out of sleep in her sumptuously decorated canopy.

攬衣推枕起徘徊, 珠箔銀屏迤邐開,
She pushed aside her pillow, dressed herself, and paced back and forth.
Then she walked out along rows of jewelled blinds and silver screens.

雲鬢半偏新睡覺, 花冠不整下堂來。
Her cloudy hair slanted because of her great haste.
And her flowery crown was loose as she came along the terrace.

風吹仙袂飄飄舉, 猶似霓裳羽衣舞;
A light wind filled her cloak making it flutter in the air.
The divine beauty seemed to be dancing to the tune of Rainbow Skirt and Feathered Coat.

玉容寂寞淚闌干, 梨花一枝春帶雨。
Tear drops drifted down her sad, delicate face,
A scene resembling a spring rain drizzling down on a pear tree blossom.

含情凝睇謝君王, 一別音容兩渺茫。
With love glowing deep within her eyes,  the divine beauty gazed at the priest and expressed her appreciation for the Emperor,
Whose face and voice had been strange to her ever since their parting.

昭陽殿裡恩愛絕, 蓬萊宮中日月長。
The conjugal love between them at the Hall of Bright Sun had already ended.
But the days in her Fairy Mountain Palace seemed to be passing quite slowly.

回頭下望人寰處, 不見長安見塵霧。
When she turned to looked down at the earth,
What she could see was only fog and dust, rather than the capital Chang An.

唯將舊物表深情, 鈿合金釵寄將去。
So the divine beauty took out old objects she regarded as a pledge of love.
And, through the envoy, she sent  back a shell box and a gold hairpin to the Emperor.

釵留一股合一扇, 釵擘黃金合分鈿;
She kept one branch of the hairpin and one side of the box
By tearing apart the hairpin and breaking the shell box.

但教心似金鈿堅, 天上人間會相見。
She wanted the Emperor to make his attachment for her as firm as the gold hairpin and shell box,
For they shall surely meet again somewhere either on earth or in heaven.

臨別殷勤重寄詞, 詞中有誓兩心知。
When the priest was leaving, she told him, time and again,
To remind the Emperor of the vow known only to their two hearts:

七月七日長生殿, 夜半無人私語時。
在天願作比翼鳥, 在地願為連理枝。
“On the seventh day of the seventh month, in the Palace of Long Life,
We made a secret vow at midnight
That we would fly in the sky wing to wing as two inseparable birds,
Or grow together on the earth as two branches on one tree.”

天長地久有時盡, 此恨綿綿無絕期。
Earth endures and heaven lasts, but they both shall perish,
While this poignant sorrow will go on and on forever.


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