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Pencalenick House, Cornwall, England

英格蘭康瓦爾郡 Pencalenick 屋舍



The brief was for a holiday home for the Client and his family for a site overlooking the picturesque Fowey estuary. The building was to respond to the site’s topography, aspect and environment in a sensitive yet thoroughly contemporary manner. The one spatial constraint was to be able to ascend from the main living space to the bedroom level.

translation 設計摘要是規劃業主及其家人的度假屋,該場址可俯瞰風景如畫的福伊 (Fowey) 海口灣。度假屋要能細膩地因應地形、樣貌與環境,又要能展現十足的現代感。此處唯一的空間限制是如何從主要起居空間向上通到臥房樓層。


Seth Stein Architects response to the brief lead them to create a curved plan that followed the site contours and was embedded into the steeply sloping hillside. A turfed roof continues the landscape whilst the perimeter indicates the structural form beneath; a line of glazing set at the same level as the grass denotes the internal circulation spine linking the various living spaces, and the retaining wall against the hill. From the water the long volume is clearly book-ended into the hill by means of inserted Cornish slate retaining walls that also facilitate changes in level within the building and the landscape beyond.

translation 賽特.斯坦因建築事務所 (Seth Stein Architects) 針對設計摘要提出彎曲的設計規劃,依照場址地勢施工,使房舍嵌入陡峭的山坡。度假屋頂鋪上草皮,地貌景致得以連綿不斷,但屋頂四周卻標明下方的結構形式。有一整排窗戶與草皮等高,顯露出連通各種起居空間的室內通道以及緊靠山坡的擋土牆。由水面望去,長形屋舍明顯抵著山坡,兩者之間插入康瓦爾板製成的擋土牆,讓屋內樓層與上方地貌的變換更為容易。


The site is adjacent to national trust forest, overlooks the picturesque Fowey estuary, and is crossed by the historic Hall Walk, and as a result, the project was sensitive from a planning point of view. The existence of a demolished Victorian isolation hospital on the site was helpful as is was an established occupation that created the parameters for locating the building.

translation 本場址緊鄰國家託管森林,俯瞰優美的福伊海口灣,中間又穿過有歷史意義的「廊道」 (Hall Walk)。有鑑於此,從設計的觀點來看,本案必須謹慎規劃。此處遺留ㄧ棟拆除的維多利亞隔離醫院,這個廢墟派上了用場,因為它替度假屋勾勒出施工範圍。


The choice of materials was such that native finishes were referenced where possible the overall effect of which created a building which although uncompromisingly contemporary sits very comfortably with the surrounding woodland.

translation 建築師儘量採用當地建材來覆面。建好的屋舍整體感覺非常現代,雖然稍顯突兀,卻能與週遭樹林恰當融合。


The site was delineated via a new earth retaining concrete structure creating a shelf upon which to construct the glu-laminated timber frame structure of the house.

translation 新的混凝土擋土牆勾勒出場址外觀,而牆面構成擱架,然後在上方搭建層壓木板製成的屋舍木質結構。


The green roof, seeded with a bespoke mixture of local grasses is supported off the timber structure in a 900mm thick roof cassette that both insulates the building below and conceals its form higher elevations. The range of natural finishing materials – cedar external cladding, Cornish slate, salvaged elm used for internal floors and joinery, sandblasted glass for the gallery bridge – emphasise the elemental nature of the setting and provide an interplay of texture and form throughout the course of the day.

translation 屋頂綠意盎然,混合栽植當地的各類花草。900 公釐厚的屋頂匣板將屋頂撐起,避免其壓住木質結構。匣板不僅隔絕下方建物,亦可遮掩較為上層的屋舍立面。選用的自然覆面建材樣式繁多,包括以使用西洋杉覆面與康瓦爾板、搶救出的榆木製成地板與門窗、噴砂研磨的玻璃搭建圖書館橋樑。這些都強調場址的自然本質,而質感與形式每天隨著時間的遞嬗都會相互影響。



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