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The Backcourt of Chauncey Billups (PG) and Richard Hamilton (SG) is among the top three in the East. Power forward Ben Wallace is the two-time defensive player of the year, and second-year center Mehmet Okur has developed into a nice sidekick. The final piece may have come on draft night, when the Pistons landed 18-year-old power forward Darko Milicic, who fills the team’s need for a low-post scorer.

translation後場球員 Chauncey Billups (控球後衛) 與 Richard Hamilton (得分後衛)  的組合實力名列東區前三名。大前鋒 Ben Wallace 得過兩屆年度最佳防守球員,二年級的中鋒 Mehmet Okur 也已經成為不錯的助手。最後ㄧ張拼圖可能出現在選秀之夜,當時活塞隊選中 18 歲的大前鋒 Darko Milicic,這位球員可擔當球隊欠缺的低位得分手。

a. defensive player of the year (年度最佳防守球員)
b. sidekick = assistant or close companion (助手)
c. land = succeed in obtaining (sth), esp against strong competition (經過激烈競爭後) 獲得某物

Last time Jeff Van Gundy (coach) patrolled the sidelines for an NBA team, he had a good big man on his side—Knicks center Patrick Ewing. One of  Van Gudy’s first undertakings as the new coach of the Rockets was get Ewing by his side again, this time as an assistant coach (助理教練).

translation 上次 Jeff Van Gundy 執教 NBA 球隊時,他身邊有一位不錯的大個頭 – 尼克隊中鋒 Patrick Ewing。Van Gundy 成為火箭隊教頭之後第一件事情就是把 Ewing 納入麾下,這次是把他找來當助理教練。

a. patrol the sidelines = 當教練
b. center = 中鋒
c. assistant coach = 助理教練

Van Gundy is signaling that his No. 1 priority with the Rockets is to get the team to put 23-year-old Yao to better use. The goal will be for Van Gundy to set up the offense around Yao and 26-year-old Steve Francis, himself just blossoming into stardom.

translation Van Gundy 指出,他在火箭隊的首要工作就是要更加善用 23 歲的姚明。Van Gundy 的目標是要以姚明與 26 歲剛成為明星的 Steve Francis 為主來發動攻勢。

a. priority = high or top place among various things to be done 工作重點 / 優先事項
b. blossom into stardom = 成為明星
c. stardom = the situation of being a famous performer 明星的地位

After a 36-46 mess of a season two years ago, the Suns looked as if they got the worst of the trade that sent Jason Kidd to New Jersey for point guard Stephon Marbury, who had a reputation as a me-first player. Marbury turned things around last season, though, scoring 22.3 points per game, ranking fourth in the league in assists and leading his team to 44 wins.  Rookie of the Year Amare Stoudemire, 20, was the most successful preps-to-pro player ever in his first year. The young core that the Suns have to build on is the envy of the league.

translation太陽隊兩年前的球季交出 36勝 46 敗的難堪成績,他們將 Jason Kidd 送到紐澤西來換取控球後衛 Stephon Marbury 的交易似乎是ㄧ大敗筆。Marbury 總是被認為是唯我獨尊的球員,不過上個球季切扭轉乾坤,每場球平均得到 22.3 分,助攻次數在全聯盟排名第四,並且帶領球隊贏得 44 勝。22 歲的年度最佳新人 Amare Stoudemire 是有史以來第一年表現最亮眼的明日之星。太陽隊可用來打造球隊的年輕核心球員是聯盟中最令人羨慕的。


a. mess = situation that is full of problems, usually because of a lack of organization or because of mistakes that somebody has made (組織欠佳等導致的)麻煩,困境,混亂
b. the worst of the trade = 最失敗的交易
c. me-first = 以自我為中心;唯我獨尊
d. rookie of the year = 年度最佳新人
d. preps-to-pro player = 即將成為明星的球員。


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