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下面資料是版主於美國求學時的上課資料,現在提供給各位參考。本篇著重於英文 “after” 與 “before” 的翻譯。將英文翻譯成中文時,請多將英文名詞或形容詞轉化成中文動詞。

1. After we had an extensive discussion wth other groups on this important issue, we decided that we should go ahead with the plan and forget about the budget.
我們與其他小組深入討論這項重要議題,之後 (然後) 決定進行這項計劃,不去管預算的問題。

2. After several years of declining prices for most major commodities, 1995 proved to be a year in which commodity prices rose significantly during the first two quarters of the year, thus reversing the decline of the Fourth Quarter of 1994.
大多數主要商品的價格連續幾年下跌但是 1995 年時商品價格卻在前兩季大幅度上揚,從而扭轉 1994 年第四季的下跌趨勢。

3. Before the stock price recovered during the last quarter of 1996, Mr. Smith, the long-time CEO of the company had had numerous sleepless nights wondering about the future of his career.
股票價格在 1996 年最後一季時反彈。在此之前長期任職公司總裁的史密斯先生無數夜輾轉難眠擔心自己的事業前途。

4. Before the Senate decides to hold a hearing on this matter, we’ll have to prepare our cases and make a report convincing enough for the Senate to make a decision.
(說明) 從因果關係的角度來翻譯

5. The economic situation in this country began to show some improvement in the last quarter of the year after slow growth for several quarters in succession since the beginning of 1994.

6. The new democracies in Central and Eastern Europe will have to establish law and order before they are able to engage in sustainable economic development.
(譯法一) 中、東歐新興的民主國家必須建立法治,然後他們才能永續發展經濟
(譯法二) 中、東歐新興的民主國家如果永續發展經濟,就必須先建立法治。
(說明) 從因果關係的角度來翻譯      

7. The Consultative Committee carefully considered the present situation in this sector and the particular problems of each commodity before it took a final position on this matter and made its recommendation to the Governing Council.
諮詢委員會仔細審議這個部門(經濟部門) 的現況與各類商品面臨的特殊狀況,之後 (然後) 才做出決定並且提出建議呈交理事會。

8. The world reaction was one of shock, grief and disbelief following the tragic assassination of Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel who was one of the architects of the Middle East peace process which was to solve the century-old conflicts between Israel and Arab countries.
(譯法一) 舉世震驚、悲傷與不可置信想不到以色列總理拉賓竟然慘遭暗殺,他是中東和平進程的創建者之一,致力於解決長達一世紀以來以色列與阿拉伯國家的紛爭。(保留英文原文順序)
(譯法二) 以色列總理拉賓慘遭暗殺之後,舉世震驚、悲傷與不可置信先前,拉賓與他人共同創建中東和平進程,致力於解決長達一世紀以來以色列與阿拉伯國家的紛爭。(適當調整英文原文順序)


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