英文電子郵件範例解說 (31)
撰文者: Wayne 發表日期: January 7, 2011 – 2:28 am

本篇英文電子郵件範例主題:『師長的來信 – 照片分享與資訊交流』。本文是師長的來電內容,這些句型與用法經常使用,適合學習模仿並運用於實際場合。


Hi All,
I am belatedly emailing you a copy of a picture I took at our reception back at the beginning of the summer – it was so wonderful seeing you all there (and Dan the next day). Thanks again to Wayne for all of the work he put into making it happen.

I’m writing to confirm that I got your information right (email and year and program) and to also collect your phone numbers/ street addresses to hand on to the alumni office as we start the schoolyear.

Please reply to confirm/ correct/ add the missing info. Hit reply to all if you want to share with all, hit reply to sender if you want to only send to me.

Many thanks! Hoping to see you again soon in Monterey or Taipei! Also, does anyone have Jason’s email for me?

Best regards,



◎ I am belatedly emailing you a copy of a picture… = 說回信遲了,可以用 ‘belatedly’ 這個字來修飾動詞。這樣網友又學到一招,不要沒事就寫 I’m sorry for being so late in emailing you a copy of the picture I took at the beginnging of the summer,抱歉說多了無益處。

◎ It was so wonderful seeing you all there. 這裡的 ‘seeing’ 是由前面的 ‘it’ 來代替,屬於非常口語的說法。版主寫過ㄧ篇討論這點的文章『多年目睹之台北捷運怪英文 (10)』。

◎ the work (effort) someone put into +名詞 / Ving => 表示某人為做某事所付出的努力。

◎ I’m writing to confirm that… = 我想要確認 (某件事情) // 這種寫法屢見不鮮,網友不妨背起來使用。

◎ hand on to = 交給

◎ the alumni office = 校友辦公室 (大概是負責聯繫校友的單位)。

◎ as = 「當…」詳細的說明請參照『英文專題討論:When, While, As 三者有何差別?(實戰篇:As)』。

◎ schoolyear = ㄧ般都拼成 school year 或 academic year。

◎ Many thanks! = 版主以前不喜歡這樣說,不過美國老師都這樣用了,那日後就大膽使用吧!


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