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Crazeeee nervous!

Travis here…

I’ve got at this exact moment 820 people that already have seats at my free Webinar tonight

Plan B Early Retirement Plan Webinar

Got room for 180 more…can you make it?

I’ve NEVER talked to a crowd that big


I’ve got friends and family showing up for the Webinar tonight…


Can you imagine?

If I screw up…


Anyway…pray for me… and if you want a seat go now because our shindig is

TONIGHT at 9 PM Eastern (8 PM Central)


(I’ve attached a free gift for everyone that attends tonight, it’s password protected and I’ll give out the password at the Webinar tonight.)

OH!…and if you didn’t get all the detailsI’m reposting the little note I sent the other day below.

Excited & Nervous,




◎ Crazeeeee nervous! = 緊張死了!(有趣的開場白)

◎ at this exact moment = 寫信的當下 (目前)。

這句是插入到 => I’ve got 820 people that already have seats at my free Webnar tonight.

◎ 820 people that already have seats at my free Webnar tonight =  關係代名詞 ‘that’是用來指「人」,目前已經逐漸取代關係代名詞 ‘who’。

◎ Can you make it? = 你能參加嗎? 這句英文很實用,但不小心就會誤用或寫錯。以前有個廣告的口號是 Trust me. You can make it! 就是誤用這種寫法。

◎ I’ve never talked to a crowd that big.= 我不曾對這麼多人演講。
英文人多是用 a big crowd / a big audience / a large audience。這跟中文的說法有點出入。

◎ PLUS = 就是 moreover / Besides ,有興趣的網友請參考:『英文寫作常用的「轉折詞」(Transitional Expressions)』。

◎ shindig= a big noisy party 盛大的聚會

◎ password protected = 設有密碼保護
因為已經提過 password protected,因此後面說 I’ll give out the password at the Webnar 便顯得很自然。

◎ If I screw up, everyone will know. / If you didn’t get the details, I’m reposting the little note I sent the other day below.

◎ Excited & Nervous = 既興奮又緊張
這是寫信者說明自己目前的狀況。版主記得他也常用 ‘Rooting for you’ (給某人打氣 / 支持某人)

* Root for sb = cheer for sb / support sb wholeheartedly (全心全力支持某人)

The whole town is rooting for the college baseball team.

I always root for the underdog.



EARLY Retirement Plan? (FREE WEBINAR)

Howdy…Travis here…

Do you know Diane?

Diane is the sweet older lady that waits on you at I.H.O.P. (International House Of Pancakes)

She’s someone’s Grandma and at her age if things would’ve gone right for her…she’d be retired and enjoying her life now…and probably not waiting tables.

Diane warms your heart when she smiles


Behind that smile…

You can sense she’s trying to hide something.

And as she turns away to rustle up more coffee

When she thinks nobody is looking

Diane’s smile fades away.

Her smile morphs into a look of worry.

…and you begin to sense that she’s been worried for so long…that what she’s REALLY trying to hide is just how weary she is…

She’s not tired…she’s WEARY…

And…weary you see, weary is NOT like tired.


Tired you can fix with a little sleep.

Weary…you can’t seem to shake off.

Weary is what Diane feels because she’s on what I call the *Plan A* retirement plan.

You may be familiar with the Plan A retirement plan?

That’s the retirement Plan where Diane has lost hope of enjoying herself someday, but being the strong woman she says…

I am just going to have to keep working until I am physically unable …or until I croak…that’s just the way it is.

No end in sight.

No light at the end of the tunnel.

No ‘happy ending’ …After YEARS of hard work and sacrifice…

Just churnin’ and burnin’ until the flame flickers away.

That’s weary.

That’s what Diane feels after years of being knocked around by the *Plan A* retirement plan.

And frighteningly…because of huge tax burdens, paltry 1.75% CD rates, catastrophic medical bills and greedy politicians

I bet you DO know a Diane (or two?) on the *Plan A* retirement plan?


I want to DO something to help!

Am I too late for Diane?

I hope not, but I don’t know.

But what I DO know?

Where I feel I MAY be able to help…

Is to get as many people OFF the *Plan A* retirement plan as I possibly can…

So here’s what I am thinking I can do…

On Thursday, February 18th at 9pm EASTERN

I am going to hold for YOU my FIRST ever Webinar and I am calling it…

The Plan B Early Retirement Plan Webinar (NO CHARGE)



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