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Dear Wayne,

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Just a quick reminder that …= 想要稍微提醒您。
這是很常見的用法,在更輕鬆的場合甚至可以說:Just a quickie here.


Title : A Quick Reminder
Content:  This is very time-sensitive. The link is going to be taken OFFLINE soon, so be sure to check it out right away!

* Just a quick reminder that … => 後面的子句是要提醒對方的事情。

* the deadline for => 記得 deadline 後面的介系詞是用 ‘for’。
eg. The teacher made Monday the deadline for handing in all term papers. (老師規定禮拜一是學期報告的最後期限。)
eg. The deadline for making application is next Monday. (申請期限是下星期一。)
eg. extend a deadline / set the dealine / miss a deadline / meet the dealine => 這些都是跟 deadline 有關的詞語搭配,請網友務必記起來。

Fast track = to make somebody’s progress in achieving something, like a high position in a job, quicker than usual 使轉入快車道;加速…的進程
快速晉升之道;迅速成功之路 (這是商業場合常聽到的用法)

Fast track <-> slow track

◎ All combined,… = 轉折詞。ㄧ言以蔽 之。
後面的 Plus 也是轉折詞,請參考『英文寫作常用的「轉折詞」(Transitional Expressions)』。

◎ get sb started with = 讓某人起步,介系詞 ‘with’ 後面的東西就是讓人起步的東西。

◎ get your business off and running = 讓你的事業起步。

◎ co-op = a cooperative business 合作案或合作計畫,這裡是指大家集資,讓公司的專業團隊去打廣告尋找下線的計畫。

◎ hot leads = 迫切或可能成為下線的人。

◎ do all the advertising for you = 替你打廣告,你完全不用費心廣告的事情。

◎ follow up on = 跟進與追蹤 (表示持續與那些留下聯絡資訊的人溝通,說服他們成為下線)

◎ For complete details = 有關詳細的細節

◎ be available for a limited time only = 「時間有限,敬請把握良機」的寫法。版主會將這句背起來,感覺很實用。


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