英文電子郵件範例解說 (35)
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本篇英文電子郵件範例主題:『感謝廠商迅速處理帳單』。本文是源自經典傳訊出版的《Mail 英文高手》(p.76 ),文中某些用法很實用,適合學習模仿並運用於生活中。


To whom it may concern:

I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for your prompt handling of my order.

I placed a rush order for several books on April  1 asking for delivery to be made by April 15. Well, your company and its employees were so efficient that all the books I ordered arrived here on the 13th! I really do appreciate the trouble you took to meet my request and the special attention you gave to my order.

Please convey my thanks to all the staff involved – they certainly did an excellent job.

Best regards,

Jack Chen


To whom it may concern …= 致各位相關人員

I am writing to = 寫這封信是因為

express one’s appreciation for = 為 … 致謝。
這句可改寫成 I am writing to thank you for your prompt handling of my order.

prompt handling = 迅速處理。
prompt = 快速的
handling = handle (處理訂單) 的動名詞

place an order for = 下訂單。

這句的 asking 是分詞構句的形式,用來補充說明訊息。

so … that = 如此… 而。

really do = 強調感激之意。

the trouble you took to meet my request / the special attention you gave to my order = (你們費心處理 / 特別關注我的訂單) 網友把這兩句背下來使用。

convey my thanks to sb = 代我向某某人致謝
** send my thanks to / express my thanks to  之類的說法也可以接受

◎ staff involved = 相關員工 (複數)
involve 就是曾經參與 (處理過本訂單)

* 十名員工 = a staff of ten / ten staff members => ten staffs

◎ appreciate = 感謝。版主在公司常常看到同事誤用這個常用單字,現在整理相關的正確句型供網友參考。

* Your help was greatly appreciated!
* He would much appreciate it if you could do him a favor.
* Any suggestions you may make will be highly (greatly) appreciated.
* Please accept this gift in appreciation of what you’ve done for us.
* We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of your help.


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